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Hi, I’m Leslie…

And I’ll be your waitress tonight… So do you guys go to the Frathouse?

This weekend was TONS of fun. Friday I got out of class at 11 and ran over to work because I saw that my Video card had been delivered. I came back, installed it and spent an hour or two playing with Sim City 4. Very VERY cool. As I’ve said before.

After I was done with that, I left to go back to Ankeny. I got my oil changed, and a hair cut. Good times.

From there I went to Adam’s house, we left to go get Andrew at VWM.

We all shopped there, I purchased the Orange shirt from Structure, only $12.00. Andrew also purchased it. After we were all done shopping, we headed to the Porn shop, got porn and then drove back to Ames. We wanted something to eat so we stopped at Hickory Park, where we had a lesbian waitress, she was THE BEST!

From there we came back to my house and watched the porn, talked and just had a really good bonding time. Yay bondness! lol

Saturday we got up, went back to Ankeny, filled out Apps and shopped at MHM, met up with Scott downtown. I beat up Andrew, alot. Adam thinks we were flirting, which we WERE NOT! Andrew and Scott left about 4ish, so Adam and I went back to my house, ate supper, hot tubbed, watched TV then went back to his house, met up with Andrew again, and did some more watching of TV and Andrew and I wrestled again!

Today’s been pretty boring and full of studying. I met up with Adam about 11:30, we did stuff, shop, etc. Then I came back here about 3ish and have been studying ever since. I’m now on a major study break.

The good news though is that two of my tests were pushed back, so I only have two on Monday now. So that’s good. However, they are the two hardest tests out of the four that I was supposed to have had.

I’ve been looking over my spending habits lately, and I really need a raise… Nazanin, could I have a raise?!?!

Andrew also FINALLY gave me my b-day gift. It was the MOST thoughtful thing I think I’ve ever recieved from a friend. He got me a subscription to Ad-Busters. It’s overly cool because it’s such a great maqazine, plus because you can NEVER find them around here. Big hugs go out to him

I also credited his bj account 500, so he’s now out of debt to me! lol.

In other news, I feel like a big blargy. I must start working out now. Tonight I did like 10 minutes on the Ab-Roller thing, my Abs were KILLING my by the time I was done, after that I lifted some for a while just bi-cep type lifts since I clearly don’t have any real work-out machinery here at my apartment. I must find someone to go work out with at the Rec. I’m going to do the nordictrack once I’m done with this entry. Good times.

Not much else going on …


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