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TeSts Part II

So I’ve had tests this week. The last one for the week it tomorrow night at 8pm. Grrr.

Test #1, MIS: I thought I had done alright, I studied my ass off for it on Thursday and Friday, and that morning some as well. Got grades back today… Not so good.

Test #2, MKT: I think I did fine, MKTing is pretty much a no-brainer. Although she did ask some things out of the book that I skipped over because I didn’t think she’d ask questions over that. So I missed those. She said that the grades would be up by 4 this afternoon. Here it is…. 9:18 and they’re still not up.

Test #3, POM: It’ll kick my ass hard if I don’t study. There’s no class tomorrow, so I’m going to spend that time studying. Then I’m STAYING on campus from 3:30 tell 8. There’s a review session for FIN from 5-6 so I’m going to that for the test next week. The rest of the time I’m studying.

Other then that Life is Life. I installed SuSe, and it’s happy. However I can’t get MythTV to work. Which was the WHOLE thing that prompted the switch back to Suse. However, I do have Cable TV on my computer again, so that’s nice. I just can’t record it like I wanted too.

Today at work, they said they want Voice Recognition software for EVERYONE in the office, we’re talking like $3,000 there. Crazyness. Again, I wish that I had that kind of money.

My group for MIS is going well. We have M2 done, so that’s good. On to M3 now. Perhaps I’ll offer to start working on M5 now. Its going to take the longest, and I think I have the most skill in that area.

I shall go now so that Andrew will update!


PS. I declare this boi, the HOTTEST boi on earth:

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I assume you meant that boi was the SECOND hottest, after me…I mean I kow you wouldn’t slip up like that. I’m first by default…I knew what you meant, but others may not, better be more clear in the future.

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