My Life


So this weekend has been good. Friday night Adam and I went out to supper and had a good time. We spent the night here in Ames.

Saturday we went to Andrews Speech thing, Very fun. And he was really good. After that we went to the DOT to get my new license, but they were closed, so we went back to my house to wait for Andrew to get done with speech. About the time that he should have been getting done, we left to head out to VWM, we couldn’t even get out of PC cause the roads were REALLY bad. Rarr at winter weather.

We had to cancel the plans for a big gay orgy, I mean… Sleepover. But adam and I wachted A.I. instead at my house and stuff.

Today we got up REALLY late, went to his house, messed around and then I came home and I’m making chili now. YAY! Food.

Sports…. football!

Anyways, after looking at all those pics of me and watching A.I with cute little Haley Joel Osment, I’ve been thinking alot about kids… And I think I want one. Eh, but that desision is a ways down the road. Kids are cute, I just wish they could like pop out at 5 years old or something. lol


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