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YAY! While I was writing that bitchy entry it fucking WORKED! The build actually BUILT!

How amazing.

I figured it out that even though I’m on a 64 bit system, PHP wasn’t smart enough to notice that, so I had to tell it to build against the 32 bit oracle libs, instead of the default 64 bit lib. Stupid fucking PHP.

However, now I’m having problems getting it to load the module into the correct instance of apache…. Perhaps because there’s 4 versions installed!!!! Gah!

Anyways, I’m happy now it’s actually compiled.. Just have to go figure out how to get it to load.

Laters all!…

PS, the forbed 400 list gained a total worth of 45 BILLION dollars in the last year, breaking out to $1 TRILLION worth. Anyone who says the rich aren’t getting richer is insane!

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