Suze Orman!

I’m in love with Suze Orman.. Can I marry her and Rachel Ray!?! I want to marry them both!

I thinkSuze might be a lesbian though. Who knows. 🙂 But I love her!

This weekend has been really great.

I got my first manicure this past week, and also did some other really fun things.

Plans were initiated for a weekend in Palm Springs and then quickly cancelled. Hopefully it’ll be re-created soon, because I really want to go. We’ll see! 🙂

Umm, Friday was spent here at the apartment, Ty really pissed me off, because he came home and JonJOn and I had all the lights off, because we were watching a movie, and then he comes home and turns on EVERY LIGHT around. And then just today he complained about how much the electiric bill was, and it’s like, WELL DUH, it’s because you ALWAYS turn on every fucking light around the house!

Gah! Anyways, watched QaF last night and had a really good time.

Woke up really early this morning, and hung around here for a bit, then headed up to Chapman. Had a great time there today, we drove up to Pasadena to this big art museum. They had a lot of boring paintings, just like about everywhere else. But also some that I REALLY loved! It was worth the horrible traffic there and back!

After that was over, came home and have been hanging out here all night. Re-Read the chapters regarding IRAs in my Suze book and now I’mw atching her show! Weee, I lov eher!

lol. Ty and Chris are gone for the night, so that’s really exciting.

Tonight was really funny because everytime Ty picked up a cat or talked or did anything the cats would freak out. But then Dreamer came over and cuddled with me and slept in my lap and danny slept in chris’ lap. lol. And it’s funny cause whenever JonJon comes over the both curl up with him. They like everyone but Ty…. Gee I wonder why!

Umm, yeah. So that’s been my weekend. really good times! 🙂 I’m enjoying life right now, but at the same time I’m pretty annoyed/upset/depressed about California. It’s just not living up to my dreams.

I want to leave, but I can’t since I JUST moved here and shit. I have to live here for a while at least. Gah!

Well laters all!

2 thoughts on “Suze Orman!”

  1. hooray!!!! Suzen Orman is a dyke!!!!!! there’s no lie there! but she still rocks my world thats for damn sure!!! 😀 and hooray for yer fun weekend.. i’m glad to hear that u truely enjoyed it 😀 makes me happy to know…later babe!!!

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