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  • Drag Show

    Ok, so I was kinda drunk when I wrote that last post. Anyways, Yesterday was good. I spent the day getting the x86_64 box ready for MH to install Oracle on. I got an e-mail at 9:00 last night saying that it was all done, so that’s cool! I’m excited. I left early because I […]

  • Sex, Gilmore!

    ARG! Can I fucking SCREAM at our Helpdesk guy? He’s telling LIES, LIES I tell you! God, so fucking annoying. You know, if I called and got someone like him at the Helpdesk, I would fucking hang up on his ass. Our software is slow NOT BECAUSE we as SA’s and DBA’s haven’t done our […]

  • What I Miss

    You know what I miss most about having a boyfriend, other then the whole compainion and having someone to love thing? It’s getting the small surprises here and there. You know, flowers or a surprise lunch at work, coming home to a card on my door, just the small things like that. :sigh: This week […]

  • Coding

    Coding drains me. It drains me mentally so badly. I hate coding. Yet, I’ve been coding for 8 hours a day for the last two weeks! It’s driving me crazy. I hate oracle. It’s so fucking PICKY about everything! And there is no equiv of mysql_num_rows in php for Oracle! It’s crazy! I’m stuck on […]


    I FUCKING HATE ORACLE! HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE! Apparently there is no fucking oci_num_rows which works on select statements…. So I found I can just do a While($row) However, now the fucking thing isn’t returning my rows! FUCK YOU ORACLE! FUCK YOU! I love MySQL… it’s so nice to me.