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You know what I miss most about having a boyfriend, other then the whole compainion and having someone to love thing?

It’s getting the small surprises here and there. You know, flowers or a surprise lunch at work, coming home to a card on my door, just the small things like that. :sigh:

This week marks 5 years of being out. It seems like just yesterday I came out to Beak. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years all ready!

Happy National Coming Out Week everyone. Be sure to tell someone you’re out and proud this week. Perhaps my office is next. 🙂 (Well that is the ones who don’t already read this.. haha)

I had a reallly long meeting with my boss today. It made me feel really good about the work I’m doing. Because honestly, sometimes I really feel like I’m not doing anything worth while at my job. I sit there and I pump out code for these Business Operations projects, so they’re not actual things clients see, so it just seems like it’s a big waste. But he gave me a lot of compliments on what I’m doing and said. “I know I can throw out the most complicated requirements and you can get them done.”

Because honestly the things I’m doing are pretty damn complicated. Even though the output is insanely simple. Getting that output is a hell of a lot harder then one would think! It would be much easier if I had designed the DB and was set up for what I’m doing, but it’s just not, and I don’t know how all the relationships in the DB work. I waste a lot of time tracking those things down.

For example, the last major things I did for this project, ended up having to create between 1 and 5 temp tables and then merging all those into one big temp table and then having to do a select on that one. And it’s completly dynamic, which is the best part. IE, if someone adds another field that needs to be searched against in RT, my reporting system will automatically be able to handle that new field without any code changes.

Now however, I’m going to have to do one minor revision to make it less dynamic. Which is wierd, I know, but that’s the way they want it now. I don’t think it will be too hard of a thing to do. The worst part is going to be creating the dynamic e-mails reports, since MySQL doesn’t have stored procedures. I’m thinking I should just get someone to upgrade the RT MySQL to 5.0 so that we can have stored procedures. That would make my life easier.

Well, that is if there’s an e-mail stored procedure for MySQL. It was a pain in the ass to find the Oracle e-mail stored procedure when I was doing that stuff earlier this year.

I was watching this thing the other day on the History Channel. They had a short little thing about Wounded Knee… It really pisses me off when even the history channel can’t get it right. If you don’t know what I’m talking about go read this.

I’ve actually read the entire transcript of the hearings on the Wounded Knee incident and lived on the reservation for a summer… although that link has the death toll wrong (It’s actually 350), the rest is very correct.

Anyways, the point is that the History channel made it out that the Native Americans were fully armed and were fighting back, when infact they were nearly completly disarmed and were running away. Also the History channel FAILED to mention the fact that the US Gov BANNED a religious ceremony. Hello? Anyone heard of the Bill of Rights? The history channel also said that all the bodies, including the officers from the military were buried in a communal grave.

They neglected to mention that the dead native americans were left on the ground for days, while some of the wounded ones died and froze to death in the snow. There’s even a story of a small child who was actually found alive 3 days after the massacre. She survived by hiding under her dead mother, who was frozen to the ground in a pool of her own blood.

They also didn’t say that the officers and other soldiers were given huge monuments on the hills above Wounded Knee Creek, while the bodies of the native americans were thrown into a communal grave.

Grr, it just really pisses me off. These lands rightfully belong to these people and our government has destoryed them, put them on reservations and turned those reservations into a thrid world country…

Sorry about the rant.

Adios yall!

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It’s always nice when the boss can give you a compliament. I got one the other day in a round about way. I might be leaving and they said I am good worker. I am always there and don’t call in sick.

Where I work at as a security guard at Deere’s I came out to the two guards I work with. Well the one who’s been there longer has a big mouth, so I am sure everyone in the plant probably alreadys knows that I am gay. So there is my coming out.

And I agree with you on the Indian thing. How we took away their land was not right and put them on reservations.

Yeah, bosses should give more compliments i mean it makes employees happy.

And yeah, after living there for a while, I always get really pissed about it when I see things like that on tv.

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