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Gas Prices

So I was read on that gas prices have fallen 12 cents this week nationawide.. How come prices here haven’t MOVED all freaking week then? Hello? Price gouging anyone?

This week I went over to Orange for lunch and found that gas prices there are 25 cents LESS (At the corner of Chapman and Tustin) then they are in the Newport/Irvine/Laguna area… WTF? Just FYI, Orange is about 8 miles inland from my office.

The boss is gone yesterday and today. Yesterday was a really fun day. We all got the new VoIP phones, which are hot. And I spent the day playing on the Xbox’s…. Installing linux. 🙂

The last two days I’ve been sleeping all night through, which is finially good. However, I’ve been having dreams where I yell and scream at people. Like last night I dreamt that I was as Home Depot checking out and I went off on the cashier about something. I’ve also been waking up about 4ish, but then when 5 comes around I just want to lay in bed and usually stay in bed till 5:30. haha.

Adios yall

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Yeah they dropped the price of gas here by 12 cents this week. Of course that was after they raised the price 15 cents the week before. People started bitching loudly so they brought it back down. We’re still getting screwed any way you look at it. Right now here, gas is anywhere from 2.95 to 3.15 for regular.

Yeah, gas prices haven’t changed here more then a few cents since Katrina… How much you want to bet that the gas companies will report record profits for this quarter?

About the sleeping thing. I have been on 3rd now for close to a year and finally about two months ago I think I finally am getting used to these hours. I thik a person goes through a phase of adjusting to the hours you work, sleep and getting up.

Perhaps that is what you are going through. About the dreams, I have no idea.

When I was working nights it was pretty easy for me to adjust… But the weekends always fucked me up. But it was hard at first to get to sleep during the day.

The transistion back to working days though was pretty easy for me, so I don’t think I’m still adjusting. I just think I’m fucked up! haha.

Yeah, the dreams are really random.

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