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New People Weekend

Wow, I haven’t updated all freaking weekend! How crazy is that?

I have an excuse. This weekend was new people weekend.. Although I only met two new people, that’s a lot more then I’ve met in a long time. Haha.

Going back to Friday. I broke one of the Xbox’s here. It was working just fine and everything, then I rebooted it and plugged it into the HDTV here and now it says. “Your xbox needs maint, please call M$”.. And I’m like there’s NO WAY we’re calling M$. Because we’ve modded it and put linux on it. But can you imagine how funny that convo would be… That is right before they send the M$ police after us.

So I went home at noon to make up for my extra time the week before. And chatted with Blake for a while. He was going up to Fresno for the weekend to visit family. AFter that I went on a bike ride then came home and hung out for a little bit. Then went and saw the new Wallace Ang Gromit. It was pretty good.. But I just read on CNN that the warehouse where they house everything burned down! How sad.

This guy randomly IMed me, and as we all know I don’t like hanging out with people I fresh meet off the internet, but he lived JUST down the street. So I was like, “Sure you can come over for an hour or two” Anyways. He came over and we ended up playing video games till 1:30 in the morning. lol. I felt SO nerdy.

We played this AMAZING game from japan where you are a ball and you have to go around and roll things up. It’s called KatamariDamacy It’s amazing! lol.

Umm, he left and I went to bed. Got up Saturday and went on a short bike ride. It was a little cold. After that I went to Costco and almost died. Some stupid bitch was turning left and didn’t yield to me. The whore didn’t even attempt to stop once she saw me coming. Bitch. Anyways, I went there just to get Cat Litter and protien bars. Ended up spending $85 there. lol. Came home and cleaned the apartment. Then called Andrew and talked to him for an hour and a half.

After that Brian came over again and we played more video games. He was a lot of fun, but he’s one of those OC homo’s that annoy me. Because he’s “Straight” and he got like 4 or 5 phone calls while he was there and lied to everyone about where he was at. I’ll probably hang out with him again because like I said, we had tons of fun. He’s also a little young, only 18 (19 next month), but still.

He left my house about 9ish on Saturday and I went to bed. Got up Sunday and just spent the whole day lounging around. I watched all the stuff that my MythBox had recorded the week before.

About 6ish, this guy Vinnie, who I’ve been talking too online asked if he could come over. I guess he’s being shipped off to Florida today (Actually he left 3 hours ago) and then is being shipped to Iraq (yes, he’s in the military). Anyways, I said sure, so he came over and we watched the Notebook. It was such a sad movie, but it was mostly lost on me because Vinnie kept talking throughout the WHOLE FUCKING MOVIE!

He was also really short. It was funny. But again, he was nice. we might hang out again if he makes it back from Iraq alive. However, he’s the same as Brian… One of those “Straight” OC boys. Grr!

You know, I really don’t get that.. I can understand wanting people to think you are straight, it does make life easier. But why HIDE who you are. I mean, I tend to think that I”m pretty straight acting. I honestly think that the only major thing that would give me away would be the fact that I like to hug my friends when we are departing ways. But if someone comes up to me and asks. “Are you gay” I would tell them yes. Whatever!

Neither of them were dating potential though… However, Brian was very cute. lol

I watched Bravo’s “Great Things ABout Being Queer” this weekend too, and was very annoyed by it. It was just so stereotypical and shit. And what the hell does Rocco (From NBC’s “The Resturant”) know about being gay?!

Well that was basically my weekend. More fun then I’ve had in a while. Hopefully Brian will hang out again and not disapear as most people seem to do after hanging out with me a few times… What do I do to these people!? lol.

Adios yall!

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You asked what you did to the people that don’t come back. They can’t come back if you lock them in a basement that is also creepy and dark now can they?

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