Michigan and Florida… SHOVE IT!

I was watching CNN today and they had this big long debate about what should be done about Michigan and Florida’s primaries. Ok… THEY CHOSE to have the primaries EARLY and they KNEW that the votes would NOT be included in the delegates. What’s the confusion here?

So now, there’s all this debating going on about the fact that millions of people’s voices are not being heard and outrage and how is this democracy, etc etc etc.

Ok, shall we repeat? THEY CHOSE TO HAVE THEM EARLY! They KNEW that the votes WOULD NOT BE COUNTED. They broke the rules and now they are crying FOUL? I think NOT! They want to spend MILLIONS of dollars to have a “do-over”. NO! You do not get a do-over! You fully knew what the fuck you were doing when you broke the rules.

Idiots. You do not deserve to have a do-over.

Happiest Place On Earth!

Ok, even though I was single on Valentines day this year, I have to say that it was probably THE BEST valentines day ever! And probably one of the best days I’ve had since I moved to California.

So I came into work and worked for 4 hours and then headed out to Disney with Austin. We get there and go to Denny’s for brunch and have a good chat about random things. Then we head off to the real park.

Get in there to California Adventure and walk around. The first thing we did was Muppets 3D, which was kinda retarted, but still mildly amusing. It was expected.

They played the 1812 during that though which got me thinking about the band “Bond” and thier version of it. So we started talking about it and Austin really likes that band too, which is kinda random because they are such an odd band. It as just cool and random.

From there we walked around a little more and did the Monsters Inc ride, which was COMPLETELY retarted and the damn thing broke like half way through our ride! So we had to sit there and wait for them to come escort us out of the thing. It was so random.

After that we went and did our first rollercoaster, which really wasn’t all that bad. It was the Tower of Terror, which I’ve been on once before down in Florida. So I knew what was going on. From there it was off to California Screamin’. That was a good one. We went upside down. 🙂

As we were leaving we went found this thing called Soarin’ California which Austin had heard was “bad”.. As in good. So we went on it. It was really pretty cool. Basically a quick fly by of California things to do. I really want to go do some of those things! IE, the Hot Air Ballon rides over the Napa Valley, etc. JonJon and I always talked about going up there and doing a long weekend at a bed and breakfast and doing that. But I never really wanted to do it with him. I’d want to go with someone I actually gave a shit about. lol

So after that ride we left California adventure and went over to the real Disney park. (We got same day park hopper tickets, which I highly suggest!)

Ok, the rest of this is in no particular order, because we walked all over the park and around and around and it was crazy, but tons of fun!

But we did the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which wasn’t all that exciting, but it was still cool and relaxing. Plus we cuddled in the front of the boat in front of all the straight couples. It was funny.

– Big Thunder Railroad, which was crazy. It wasn’t the most exciting of all the rides, but it was still cool.

– Splash Mountian we did after dark, which was a BAD BAD idea. First because we got SOAKED and it was SOOOO COLD! Second because we came over the top of the 50 foot drop and you couldn’t see the bottom, so you had NO IDEA where you were going, it was so scary. Third because we sat in the VERY FRONT of the boat. I’d have to say that was one of the best rides the whole day.. Thrill Wise.

– Indiana Jones, which was pretty cool. Again we sat in the front, and it was pretty good.

– Tea Cups. Standard issue, but still fun and cute way to end the night

– Space Mountian whichw as CRAZY because it was completely dark and you had NO IDEA where you were going!

– Star Tours. A fun ride for being so old, it could have been way better

We counted them up on the way home and we did 12 rides, but I’m only listing 9 or 10, so I dunno where the others are. But we also did the train ride all the way around the park, It was after dark and we cudddled on the train. Again, very cute.

It was also cute because the on all the rides he would hold my hand and stuff. It was adorable.

So overall, we were at Disney from noon till 8pm. Drove back to my place and he came in and spent the night. We had a talk about his high partner numbers… Come to find out there was a bit of a mis-understanding, he has had 50 partners, but most of those people he’s just done like Mutual J/O with. He’s only had 8 actual sex partners, which isn’t that bad. And he said that the VAST majority of them have NOT been one-nighters, which makes me happier about the whole situation, but still not thrilled about it.

Our discussion did get a bit heated though because I feel that SEX is something that should be shared between two people who LOVE each other, and you should be comfortable and MEANINGFUL of telling someone you LOVE them before you have sex with them, whereas he views it as more of a “fun” activity. I just dunno what to think.

But, he did actually kiss me on the lips a few times, which is again just confusing. He says that he just doesn’t feel ready for a boyfriend, mentally and emotionally, because of the whole job thing, and he needs someone more dominating, so that’s cool. But I just want to keep pushing him and make him do it. He said at one point that we’re practically like boyfriends, he said like, “psydo-boyfriends” or something like that.

Arg, like Vero said, it seems like he’s jerking me around a lot. I’m not sure if he’s just not sure what he wants, or if he’s doing it on purpose. Grr! Why are these things so hard.


EDIT:// I forgot to mention that on the drive home, Austin put on this Playlist on his iPod, it sounded a bit lovey dovey too… I think he planned it. He held my hand and it was so cute all the way home.

And when we were first laying in bed, he kept saying…. “Chris… Chris… Chris… What am I going to do with you”… Etc, etc. What’s going down!

New People Weekend

Wow, I haven’t updated all freaking weekend! How crazy is that?

I have an excuse. This weekend was new people weekend.. Although I only met two new people, that’s a lot more then I’ve met in a long time. Haha.

Going back to Friday. I broke one of the Xbox’s here. It was working just fine and everything, then I rebooted it and plugged it into the HDTV here and now it says. “Your xbox needs maint, please call M$”.. And I’m like there’s NO WAY we’re calling M$. Because we’ve modded it and put linux on it. But can you imagine how funny that convo would be… That is right before they send the M$ police after us.

So I went home at noon to make up for my extra time the week before. And chatted with Blake for a while. He was going up to Fresno for the weekend to visit family. AFter that I went on a bike ride then came home and hung out for a little bit. Then went and saw the new Wallace Ang Gromit. It was pretty good.. But I just read on CNN that the warehouse where they house everything burned down! How sad.

This guy randomly IMed me, and as we all know I don’t like hanging out with people I fresh meet off the internet, but he lived JUST down the street. So I was like, “Sure you can come over for an hour or two” Anyways. He came over and we ended up playing video games till 1:30 in the morning. lol. I felt SO nerdy.

We played this AMAZING game from japan where you are a ball and you have to go around and roll things up. It’s called KatamariDamacy It’s amazing! lol.

Umm, he left and I went to bed. Got up Saturday and went on a short bike ride. It was a little cold. After that I went to Costco and almost died. Some stupid bitch was turning left and didn’t yield to me. The whore didn’t even attempt to stop once she saw me coming. Bitch. Anyways, I went there just to get Cat Litter and protien bars. Ended up spending $85 there. lol. Came home and cleaned the apartment. Then called Andrew and talked to him for an hour and a half.

After that Brian came over again and we played more video games. He was a lot of fun, but he’s one of those OC homo’s that annoy me. Because he’s “Straight” and he got like 4 or 5 phone calls while he was there and lied to everyone about where he was at. I’ll probably hang out with him again because like I said, we had tons of fun. He’s also a little young, only 18 (19 next month), but still.

He left my house about 9ish on Saturday and I went to bed. Got up Sunday and just spent the whole day lounging around. I watched all the stuff that my MythBox had recorded the week before.

About 6ish, this guy Vinnie, who I’ve been talking too online asked if he could come over. I guess he’s being shipped off to Florida today (Actually he left 3 hours ago) and then is being shipped to Iraq (yes, he’s in the military). Anyways, I said sure, so he came over and we watched the Notebook. It was such a sad movie, but it was mostly lost on me because Vinnie kept talking throughout the WHOLE FUCKING MOVIE!

He was also really short. It was funny. But again, he was nice. we might hang out again if he makes it back from Iraq alive. However, he’s the same as Brian… One of those “Straight” OC boys. Grr!

You know, I really don’t get that.. I can understand wanting people to think you are straight, it does make life easier. But why HIDE who you are. I mean, I tend to think that I”m pretty straight acting. I honestly think that the only major thing that would give me away would be the fact that I like to hug my friends when we are departing ways. But if someone comes up to me and asks. “Are you gay” I would tell them yes. Whatever!

Neither of them were dating potential though… However, Brian was very cute. lol

I watched Bravo’s “Great Things ABout Being Queer” this weekend too, and was very annoyed by it. It was just so stereotypical and shit. And what the hell does Rocco (From NBC’s “The Resturant”) know about being gay?!

Well that was basically my weekend. More fun then I’ve had in a while. Hopefully Brian will hang out again and not disapear as most people seem to do after hanging out with me a few times… What do I do to these people!? lol.

Adios yall!

Be Careful in Florida!

OMG, So Florida has this cool new law:

Florida has a new law that gives legal protection to someone who shoots somebody else as long as the shooter feels threatened or is attacked.

Florida’s “stand your ground” law, which took effect Saturday, says citizens no longer are obligated to retreat from an attack if they’re somewhere they have a legal right to be, such as a public street. Shooters also get immunity from prosecution so long as the person shot is not a police officer.

Ummm? Ok Crazies!

I got about 3 hours of sleep last night! Why can’t I sleep?!?! I’m SO TIRED, but yet I can’t actually get to sleep.



I’ve decided that August is a scandalous month for me! Just go read the journal entries from years past for August! OMG! I’m such a bad boy. hehe.

Really nothing has been happening in my life. I went and spent $45 at the scout shop yesterday. opps.

Here’s some news stories that make me sad:

In 1973, fresh out of college, Dennis St. Jean was hired by the Boy

Scouts of America. He quickly worked his way up, serving in a variety

of executive positions across the Northeast. In 1991 he was

transferred to the BSA’s headquarters in Irving, Texas, where, as

Assistant Director of Professional Development, he taught management

skills to thousands of employees across the country. Ten years later,

St. Jean stepped down and moved to the Florida Keys to become General

Manager of Sea Base in the Florida Keys. There, he and his seasonal

staff of 2000 supervised the 11,000 Boy Scouts who came year-round to

snorkel, scuba, and sail at one of scouting’s three national high

adventure programs.

But on January 28, 2005, according to St. Jean, he became the

highest-ranking and longest-serving professional scouter in the

history of the BSA to be fired merely for being gay. St. Jean had

just successfully led Sea Base through a trying hurricane season when

a representative from Irving came to Florida and presented him with

the “evidence”: a copy of his bill from Lighthouse Court Gay

Guesthouses, where he had vacationed months before. (St. Jean

believes the bill was obtained by a disgruntled Sea Base employee who

had somehow found out about the trip.) Days later, a registered

letter from Irving stated that the BSA had “lost confidence” in St.

Jean’s ability to serve as an employee. “I was like a deer in

headlights,” recalls St. Jean. “I was dumbfounded-I felt devastated,

angry, hurt.” The BSA’s national spokesperson refused to comment on

what he called a “personnel issue,” but St. Jean, who says he had

never received a professional evaluation that was less than glowing,

can see no other explanation for why he was let go.

It is not at all clear exactly when the BSA started forbidding

membership to gays and non-theists; for the first seven decades after

the organization’s 1910 founding the issue never came up in a public

way. It wasn’t until a series of court cases in the wake of a lawsuit

filed by a California Scout-who was forced out after taking a boy to

senior prom-that the BSA’s membership policies became a legal issue.

The BSA’s requires all of its approximately four million youth and

adult members (who include about 4,000 employees) to meet its

discriminatory membership standards, which were protected by the

Supreme Court’s 2000 ruling in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale. The 5

to 4 decision agreed with the BSA’s claim that its membership

policies were a form of speech legally known as “expressive

association,” and were thereby protected by the First Amendment.

Since the decision the BSA has shown no sign of changing its mind,

and that’s angered many who, Like St. Jean, have otherwise felt that

they had a home in scouting.

While the National Council’s expenditures-$125 million in 2004-are

privately funded, the organization has long benefited from a wide

variety of in kind contributions and support from state, local, and

federal governments. Dale triggered a battery of anti-discrimination

lawsuits against the BSA, resulting in court decisions that

restricted governmental support for the organization. The most

important case yet decided involves the Boy Scout National Jamboree

at Fort A.P. Hill-an Army base in Northern Virginia, which has hosted

the event every four years since 1981-which closes its nine-day run

tomorrow. An estimated 40,000 scouts and leaders from across the

country will attend this year’s summer camp-like gathering. The

Department of Defense views the Jamboree as a unique opportunity to

educate boys about careers in the military, and gives the military

experience in setting up an event akin to running a refugee camp. The

Pentagon expects to spend about $7.3 million on in-kind services in

support of the Jamboree. This support accounts for about 80 percent

of all federal funds directed to the Boy Scouts, according to Adam

Schwartz, an attorney for the ACLU. But this spring, a Federal

District Court judge for Northern Illinois declared the BSA a

religious institution, and hence ruled that the military funds

violated the Establishment Clause-which limits government support for

organized religion.

To fight its many legal and public relations battles, the BSA is

relying on support from a long roster of conservative and religious

organizations, who see the Scouts as just another front in the

ongoing culture wars to preserve what they, and the BSA, call

“traditional values.” Robert Bork Jr.-a former fellow at the

conservative Heritage Foundation, and the son of Ronald Reagan’s

failed Supreme Court nominee-has been hired to coordinate public

relations for the scouts; his campaign’s centerpiece website

recommends related articles from The Weekly Standard and Citizen, the

magazine of James Dobson’s Focus on the Family. The Federalist

Society, the foremost legal think tank of the right, recently hosted

a panel on the BSA’s struggles, featuring Ken Starr. Scout Councils

in Florida and Georgia have held fundraisers that have featured

conservative celebrities Ann Coulter and Oliver North.

Mark Noel, a leader in the Coalition for Inclusive Scouting, a

national network of activists working to reform the BSA’s exclusive

policies, thinks that liberal parents and scouts have been “voting

with their feet,” deciding that Scouting is no longer appropriate for

their family after hearing about the discriminatory polices at issue

in the lawsuits. Indeed, since Dale, Boy Scout rolls have dropped 3.8

percent. Cub Scout numbers have dropped by a staggering 13.8

percent-a decrease that likely foreshadows a similar drop among older

Scouts in a few years time. But the reduced public support has

perhaps had a more direct effect: One Portland BSA employee

attributed a 10 percent drop in his Council’s enrollment after the

city forbid recruitment during school hours. Meanwhile, with

corporate sponsors and local United Way affiliates cutting funds to

BSA Councils, hiring has slowed. According to St. Jean, the BSA

calculates that each new professional scouter usually recruits about

1,500 new boys.

The BSA, for its part, insists that the decline is unrelated to the

fallout from its membership policies, instead pointing to changing

age demographics and a general decrease in interest in

scouting-related activities. But the population of eligible boys has

held steady, and the Girl Scouts-a similar yet separate organization

that does not discriminate on the basis of religion or sexual

orientation-has continued to grow.

No matter the exact cause, however, the drop in enrollment is

increasing the influence of those within the organization who support

BSA’s discriminatory rules. Internal efforts to reform membership

policies have been thwarted by the BSA’s Religious Relations

Committee, which has long been dominated by representatives of

conservative churches. (The Mormon Church, whose adherents are about

2 percent of the general population but account for about 13 percent

of BSA membership, is usually described as the chief impediment.)

But reform efforts are unlikely to get far as long as the scouts

continue to stifle dissent. New leaders are required to sign a pledge

stating that they believe that someone cannot be the “best kind” of

citizen without believing in God. Activists report that the BSA

maintains a “litmus test” and refuses to promote any professional who

disagrees with the policy.

Noel, concerned about the future of Scouting, points to polls that

show younger Americans to be more tolerant than previous generations;

these future parents will soon decide whether or not to encourage

their sons to join. And he worries that Scouting, which used to

respect the values of a broader swath of Americans, will have made up

their minds for them.

It’s been more than six months since St. Jean was fired. So far, his

efforts to reach an out-of-court financial settlement with the BSA

for wrongful termination have been unsuccessful; he soon plans to

file suit against the organization, under a Monroe County, Florida,

ordinance prohibiting employment discrimination on the basis of

sexual orientation, and has retained an out-of-state lawyer who

previously obtained a settlement for another gay client fired by the


He’s been unemployed since his firing. With his seniority stripped

away, the new job he’ll soon start will pay about half what he earned

at Sea Base. And it will not be with the organization he joined as an

eight year old cub scout and “never left”-that is, until they kicked

him out.

Gah! Why can’t they just accept that homos are everywhere and let them stay! I mean clearly this guy has done NOTHING WRONG within the BSA, he’s amodel employee! I struggle every day with this it annoys the hell out of me.

I LOVE my friends from Iowa.. They’re so great:

8:53:48 PM drelle: Dear Chris, please move to Ames.

8:54:01 PM drelle: I would like a cuddle buddy this very moment.

8:54:05 PM drelle: Love, Oksana

8:54:14 PM drelle: PS. Please pass me Andrew

8:54:19 PM drelle: i mean.

8:54:45 PM drelle: pass me Andrew’s contact information, so he could fulfil your duty as a cuddle buddy in your absence.

8:54:48 PM drelle: Love, Oksana

8:59:16 PM drelle: Dear Chris,

8:59:35 PM drelle: i left you a very retarded phone message, because I thought you came to iowa this week, and didn’t tell me about it.

9:00:41 PM drelle: So please, ignore the message, and let’s have a date on Friday, August 19th

9:01:00 PM drelle: with gourmet meals, lots of art, butterflies, movies and sex.

9:01:02 PM drelle: Love, Oksana

Oh how I miss having sex with Oksana! She’s so good at it too! Hehe.. Julian, Oksana, Luke and me….All having sex TWICE a week! It was so hot! We’re going to have lots of sex on Friday Aug 19th! So let me know if anyone wants to join!! 😀