Happiest Place On Earth!

Ok, even though I was single on Valentines day this year, I have to say that it was probably THE BEST valentines day ever! And probably one of the best days I’ve had since I moved to California.

So I came into work and worked for 4 hours and then headed out to Disney with Austin. We get there and go to Denny’s for brunch and have a good chat about random things. Then we head off to the real park.

Get in there to California Adventure and walk around. The first thing we did was Muppets 3D, which was kinda retarted, but still mildly amusing. It was expected.

They played the 1812 during that though which got me thinking about the band “Bond” and thier version of it. So we started talking about it and Austin really likes that band too, which is kinda random because they are such an odd band. It as just cool and random.

From there we walked around a little more and did the Monsters Inc ride, which was COMPLETELY retarted and the damn thing broke like half way through our ride! So we had to sit there and wait for them to come escort us out of the thing. It was so random.

After that we went and did our first rollercoaster, which really wasn’t all that bad. It was the Tower of Terror, which I’ve been on once before down in Florida. So I knew what was going on. From there it was off to California Screamin’. That was a good one. We went upside down. 🙂

As we were leaving we went found this thing called Soarin’ California which Austin had heard was “bad”.. As in good. So we went on it. It was really pretty cool. Basically a quick fly by of California things to do. I really want to go do some of those things! IE, the Hot Air Ballon rides over the Napa Valley, etc. JonJon and I always talked about going up there and doing a long weekend at a bed and breakfast and doing that. But I never really wanted to do it with him. I’d want to go with someone I actually gave a shit about. lol

So after that ride we left California adventure and went over to the real Disney park. (We got same day park hopper tickets, which I highly suggest!)

Ok, the rest of this is in no particular order, because we walked all over the park and around and around and it was crazy, but tons of fun!

But we did the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which wasn’t all that exciting, but it was still cool and relaxing. Plus we cuddled in the front of the boat in front of all the straight couples. It was funny.

– Big Thunder Railroad, which was crazy. It wasn’t the most exciting of all the rides, but it was still cool.

– Splash Mountian we did after dark, which was a BAD BAD idea. First because we got SOAKED and it was SOOOO COLD! Second because we came over the top of the 50 foot drop and you couldn’t see the bottom, so you had NO IDEA where you were going, it was so scary. Third because we sat in the VERY FRONT of the boat. I’d have to say that was one of the best rides the whole day.. Thrill Wise.

– Indiana Jones, which was pretty cool. Again we sat in the front, and it was pretty good.

– Tea Cups. Standard issue, but still fun and cute way to end the night

– Space Mountian whichw as CRAZY because it was completely dark and you had NO IDEA where you were going!

– Star Tours. A fun ride for being so old, it could have been way better

We counted them up on the way home and we did 12 rides, but I’m only listing 9 or 10, so I dunno where the others are. But we also did the train ride all the way around the park, It was after dark and we cudddled on the train. Again, very cute.

It was also cute because the on all the rides he would hold my hand and stuff. It was adorable.

So overall, we were at Disney from noon till 8pm. Drove back to my place and he came in and spent the night. We had a talk about his high partner numbers… Come to find out there was a bit of a mis-understanding, he has had 50 partners, but most of those people he’s just done like Mutual J/O with. He’s only had 8 actual sex partners, which isn’t that bad. And he said that the VAST majority of them have NOT been one-nighters, which makes me happier about the whole situation, but still not thrilled about it.

Our discussion did get a bit heated though because I feel that SEX is something that should be shared between two people who LOVE each other, and you should be comfortable and MEANINGFUL of telling someone you LOVE them before you have sex with them, whereas he views it as more of a “fun” activity. I just dunno what to think.

But, he did actually kiss me on the lips a few times, which is again just confusing. He says that he just doesn’t feel ready for a boyfriend, mentally and emotionally, because of the whole job thing, and he needs someone more dominating, so that’s cool. But I just want to keep pushing him and make him do it. He said at one point that we’re practically like boyfriends, he said like, “psydo-boyfriends” or something like that.

Arg, like Vero said, it seems like he’s jerking me around a lot. I’m not sure if he’s just not sure what he wants, or if he’s doing it on purpose. Grr! Why are these things so hard.


EDIT:// I forgot to mention that on the drive home, Austin put on this Playlist on his iPod, it sounded a bit lovey dovey too… I think he planned it. He held my hand and it was so cute all the way home.

And when we were first laying in bed, he kept saying…. “Chris… Chris… Chris… What am I going to do with you”… Etc, etc. What’s going down!

6 thoughts on “Happiest Place On Earth!”

  1. You know, I’ve been very anti-disney since I moved here… Mostly because it just annoys me. But yesterday was just the perfect day. The company, the atmosphere, the small number of people there.

    It was just perfect.

    You should come visit me and we can go.. But come in the winter. 😛 All you Iowans need to come visit me… I smell a ROAD TRIP!

  2. I have been on the that Tower of Terror in Florida and it was okay. I love rollercosters rides, now if I can only find someone to do that with.

    Maybe Austin is trying to break you down bit by bit. You know there are people out there who are only looking for sex and because you only want to do it with the person you love, this might be a challange for him. Another notch on the belt? Just a thought.

  3. Yeah, the one in Florida is better because they give you more of a history and stuff. I always said I hated rollercoasters, because my dad FORCED me to go on one when I was a kid and it scared the shit out of me, but I DID enjoy the ones we went on the other day.

    I REALLY hope that’s not what he’s trying to do. That would just be HORRIBLE. I can’t imagine that there would be someone out there who WOULD do that. :'(

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