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Coding drains me.

It drains me mentally so badly.

I hate coding.

Yet, I’ve been coding for 8 hours a day for the last two weeks! It’s driving me crazy.

I hate oracle. It’s so fucking PICKY about everything! And there is no equiv of mysql_num_rows in php for Oracle! It’s crazy!

I’m stuck on this project right now because I hate the way the DB is designed too. We had some input into the way it was set up. And I changed what I could. But there were some things that I just couldn’t change because that DB was already in Prod use. So I’m stuck with it’s basic layout. Very annoying. So I’m trying to glue bits and pieces together from different places. Trust me, not easy!

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actually coding is alright. it just becomes a bitch if there’s a problem and i can’t debug it. grrr!

and pardon my ignorance (i’m no php, mysql or even an oracle guy) but can you just use select count(*) instead of mysql_num_rows()?

Yes you could do a select count(*). However that’s yet another SQL query, hence slowing things down… Specially when you have a HUGE and complicated query. Like many of the ones I deal with. 🙂

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