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Drag Show

Ok, so I was kinda drunk when I wrote that last post.

Anyways, Yesterday was good. I spent the day getting the x86_64 box ready for MH to install Oracle on. I got an e-mail at 9:00 last night saying that it was all done, so that’s cool! I’m excited.

I left early because I had put in some extra hours the days before and was bored. I talked to Austin right before leaving and he talked me into coming over and going to the beach with him. So we did that and walked around. He found a Sand Dollar, and was excited. We also saw a crab on the rocks, which was kinda random.

After that we went and watched some more of that Sex show, I’m really getting into it. It’s so funny. lol. From there we decided it was time to eat, he was going to make pasta, but the meat was still frozen, so we went out. It was hella time finding someplace to eat, as I have no money left till the 15th, so I wanted some where cheap. Ended up going to the greek place, which was good.

Blake txted me while I was there. And upset me a bit, I sure hope he’s still ok.

After dinner Austin and I went back to his house and watched some more TV and he showed me pictures of his college days and his recent trip to Montana! I LOVE MONTANA! 🙂 lol. We laid on his bed and kinda cuddled and I gave him a back rub, since he’s given me so many. lol.

Once the show was over, I left so that he could go to the gym, that was about 9ish or so, got home showered and ironed my clothes and then sat around waiting for him to get back. Once he got back we both headed towards laguna. Got there and went into the bar and just stood around for a while watching the Drag show. It’s been so long since I’ve seen one of those!

Ran into Justin and JohnyRocket there. Very random to see them again. Anyways, Austin was going after this guy who looked like an uglier version of Phil of the Future, but the boy left before Austin got up the nerves to go talk to him.

Some random guy came up and started talking to me, but I was tired and hadn’t had anything to drink yet so I was sort of a bitch to him and felt bad about that. I meant to go up and talk to him again later, but we left before I could. Oh well, he probably just wanted sex anyways. And he wasn’t very cute.

Austin and I have decided that I’m not good with telling people I don’t want to talk to go away. I tend to just sit there and listen and talk to them and will give them a sorta cold shoulder, but I feel mostly obligated to talk to anyone who talks to me. I’m also a bit too trusting I think and tend to think the best of people first. We both think there’s a massive lie going on in my life right now.

Tonight I’m just going to go home and relax at home by myself. I really need to get back out on my bike and to just relax.

::whines:: I want a boyfriend ::end whines::


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Your life is full of back rubs, people wanting sex (from you) and dudes with names like JohnyRocket. HOW DARE YOU COMPLAIN!

Haha, Yes, the backrubs recently have been nice! But that’s an added benifit that I haven’t had in a long time. Hopefully they will continue.

The people wanting sex, well that’s not what I want, so it’s not like thats a bonus it’s just annoying.

And JohnyRocket, well, he’s not all that great.

I just want a nice steady boyfriend, why is that so hard?

Yous gots alot more going for you in that sort of an area than Zach does. 😛

And it’s not how great he is, it’s how great the name is! …JohnyRocket…

Dear Chris,

By saying ‘that Sex show’, do you mean award-winning ‘Sex and the City’, ??? This is one of my favorite series. I welcome you to the world of SATC. We have only watched 2 out of COUNTLESS wonderful episodes. Prepare for more!!!!!!!



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