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Random Meetings

Wow, so the most random thing just happened to me.

JP walked in, said “Hi Chris, Do you have a minute” and then we went into his office.

He said, “So how do you feel about the projects you’ve been doing”…

OMG, At this point I’m scared out of my mind. So I tell him that I’m not really much of a programmer and stuff and that I’d rather do infrastucture, SA work, etc.

OMG, I feel like I fucked something up, I want to go back in there and be like, “Ok, you caught me off gaurd.” I dunno what to do. He didn’t look very happy. OMG, I don’t want to lose my job!

In other news, I guess Andrew and I aren’t even on talking terms any more. So fine, screw him. I fucking was nice and IMed him. “Happy Birthday” the bitch didn’t even respond with a “Thank You”. So whatever.

Umm, so that’s that. I dunno what’s going on!

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