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Sex, Gilmore!

ARG! Can I fucking SCREAM at our Helpdesk guy? He’s telling LIES, LIES I tell you! God, so fucking annoying. You know, if I called and got someone like him at the Helpdesk, I would fucking hang up on his ass. Our software is slow NOT BECAUSE we as SA’s and DBA’s haven’t done our job, there’s MORE then enough power to serve the sort of application that we host. Someone fire him!

Anyways, so yesterday was pretty busy… I had lots of stuff to do in the morning and got that going, then right before lunch I got a huge project that I sorta stole from someone else. It’s going to be exciting, getting Oracle 64bit running on x86_64 Linux. 🙂 So yeah. But as I was going to go talk to someone about it Austin called, so we went off to lunch. It was a nice lunch we went to this mexican place and I had a Cheese thing. I was so stuffed! After that we walked over to Staples cause it was right there and he tried to convert me back to windows and I tried to convert him to apple! I’d have to say so far that’s the only annoying thing about him, is that he’s a windows geek! Gahh! Chris Pirillo comes to mind. That man annoys the hell out of me!

So I got back from lunch and started talking to people about it and got CentOS installed. Also someone else showed up and I had to help them with an RCF file. I finially got out of here at 2:30 and got home and then went on my bike ride. Got home and showered then talked to Austin and invited him over to watch the new gilmore girls, since he had never seen it.

So he went to the gym and then came over and we hung out. Watched an Episode of Sex and the City, which I have to admit is a very funny show. After that we talked for like 20 minutes till GG came on then watched that. It was an OK episode, not the best ever. I think this series is really coming to an end. The whole Luke has a daughter thing is a little out there.

Speaking of though, The West Wing really needs to end. This season has just NOT been that good. I’ve heard that this will be the last season and it will end with the announcement of the new president. So we’ll see.

After that we watched House, which was ok, but I didn’t really enjoy it that much and then we watched another epsidoe of sex and the city, then he gave me a nice back rub, then I kicked him out cause I had to go to bed. It was nice hanging out with him.

Blake says that today is Jimmy’s funeral, or something like that. Seems really quick to me, that they could cremate him and ship him back so fast. But I guess that’s the way it is. Sad as it is. I’m strangely effected by it. I’m not really sure how I can explain it.

Susan e-mailed me again yesterday. It’s nice that she keeps e-mailing me and asking how my life is, but I’m just not too sure about what to say back to her anymore. I haven’t talked to her son in like over a month now, so it just seems wierd.

OMG! Yesterday was a HUGE day for us Apple fans! TWO Intel macs introduced, and some cool new software! I can’t wait! Who wants to buy it for me?

With that, I have to go work on Oracle 64bit. Adios!

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you have it all wrong, haha. I was over at Jimmy’s house today talking to his family. It went pretty good they all sort of saw my point which i pointed out in my blog, but they are stubborn just like Jimmy was. Tomorrow is his funeral at 9am so i will be all excited to go, yea right, i lost it today, but i have been able to stay relativily calm, i havent killed anyone yet…but anyways it is 1:44 and i have class at 2 so i should start walking to it…ttyl babe

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