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Listen, and Understand!

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, I thought it was funny shit:

I’m very annoyed with this woman who I’ve been trying to write a fucking report for for a while now. I’ve got the damn thing automated, I did that before christmas, but as we know, that wasn’t the report she wanted. So I re-wrote it, and sent her a sample report. Last week she called me and I spent like 30 minutes on the phone explaining to her WHY the report she got that week was empty. (Simple answer: no one fucking entered anything that regarded the report)

Anyways, THIS week comes along and ALAS! Still NO ONE has entered data that would have been included on this fucking report. So then I get this damn e-mail from her complaining that “I know people worked on this project, so why didn’t I get a report with data. I want to come there and meet you and JT”. Well it was MUCH more detailed and complainy, but whatever. So I do a manual report out of the system and send that onto JT. This woman gets on my fucking nerves. The reports ARE WORKING!

Austin and I might be having lunch today, he’s got an interview right down the street, so he’s going to come over here after. That should be entertaining. lol.

MacWorld starts today, rumors are of new Intel Powerbooks, along with Frontrow on more systems! Woot!

I also finially ditched MiNews for Feed… MiNews was always such a fucking memory hog, sometimes using as much as 500Megs, it seems that Feed is much less of one and also allows you to browse feeds while it’s updating. MiNews would lock down and you couldn’t do anything while it was updating. And since I have over 100 feeds that it updates every 30 minutes, well. That takes a while. lol

I’m going to play with it for a while longer, but I already see some things that annoy me about it. The fact that there’s no way to force the newest posts to the top. (You can sort by date, but since the feeds are from all around the globe, they have different time stamps, thus the newest are not ALWAYS at the top).

There was something else that I wanted to bitch about, but now I’ve forgotten.


Edit:// I remember what I was going to say now! My fucking mythtv box needs to be upgraded BAD! Now that I’m hosting websites there, everytme somone uses a site there at the same time I’m recording something, the damn recording freezes! Grrr.

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I want to kill myself, well i feel like i am already dead with Jimmy gone. I do like the Bible though. I need to get away from things for a while, but i dont know what to do. i dont know, maybe you or any of your other readers could help me out. I posted my longest post on my wordpress today, with a lot of thought and rambling, it will probably bore you though…anyways i am rambling now ttyl babe

You need to start filling in the thing for your website! 😛 I did a database update the other day so all your old ones have a link to it. 🙂

Like Austin says you should come on down here for a week or two.

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