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  • Job Opening…

    I just got this E-mail from the CEO: There is a job opening at PHS for a cli-ops engineer. The job description is attached. Please let me know if you know someone that would be interested in this position. The position would be out of Santa Monica, not in Irvine. Note there is a referral […]

  • Dentist

    Can I just say that how fucking amazing it is to have the black pearl in my back yard! Had a dentist appointment the other day, painful. 🙁 I’ve been putting it off for like 2 years, easy to do really. Cause I hate the dentist… The woman was very nice and kinda funny cause […]

  • Preparing Again

    So…. two years ago, I was preparing for the biggest move of my life… Now here I am preparing for another big move, although not near as bad. The last few days have been stressful and very long. Although, I’ve been getting to bed on time, it just feels like they have been much longer. […]

  • Long Night

    Wow that was one long ass night. Lets see… Yesterday at work was ok… Nothing exciting as per usual. I’ve been working on this project, and someone else completed it before me.. It’s like, why were we both working on this? I meah of COURSE he was going to finish it before me beacuse he’s […]

  • Woody’s

    So I’m running late today for a reason! Last night I went out to Woody’s in Laguna Beach with Robert, Ben, and Austin. We had a really good time. But first, yesterday at work was also good. I got a fun reporting project for Oracle and also started looking over some of the code and […]