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Job Opening…

I just got this E-mail from the CEO:

There is a job opening at PHS for a cli-ops engineer. The job description is attached. Please let me know if you know someone that would be interested in this position. The position would be out of Santa Monica, not in Irvine. Note there is a referral award if you’re able to help find someone for this job.

Here’s the job description:

Job Title: Client Operations Engineer

Job Description

This position primarily entails loading patient health information into our proprietary disease management applications and then generating a report summarizing the data changes and sending it to the appropriate stakeholders. The loading of the data can be a flat file feed or can be a set of business rules defined by the client and documented in a business specification, whereby PL/SQL must be written to modify existing client data in the database. These imports / data processes occur on an ad hoc and regularly scheduled basis.

We currently use Oracle external tables with custom written PL/SQL, with some use of ETL for data transformations and data reads. We are moving towards utilizing an industrial ETL tool in 2007 that will handle scheduling, transformations, notifications and will work with our custom PL/SQL business processes to handle the complicated business rules defined by our clients.

This position will require coordinating data transfers and imports to and from external vendors using various technologies including: SFTP, Linux / Unix shell commands / Terminal Services, PL/SQL and ETL. It will require the ability to communicate current issues and project statuses to stakeholders, other development staff and external vendors. It will also require the drafting of technical specifications, as necessary and clear communication around all processes and reports.

Technical Qualifications

BS Computer Science preferred or equivalent

5 – 10 years related experience

Proficient in PL/SQL

Proficient in Unix / Linux

Strong relational database background

Oracle experience preferred

Secure FTP / SSH

Experience in HIPAA compliance a plus

Knowledge in Java / Java beans a plus

Experience with Data warehouses a plus

Preferred Business Skills

Detail-oriented / Self-Starter / Self-sufficient

Adapts quickly to a fast-paced environment

Focuses on results as opposed to tasks

Ability to handle several concurrent projects

Ability to translate technical specifications into code

Ability to identify gaps in technical specifications to ensure stored procedures meet client’s speculated end-results

Takes ownership of and demonstrates accountability for individual projects

Offers development suggestions to better meet the client’s needs

Ability to create Technical specification documents

Coordinates with QA manager for proper testing

Documents technical solutions for future usability

Umm. I’m sorry. Did you FORGET what you moved me to Santa Monica for, and then cut my funding for? AND now you are hiring a NEW PERSON for it? WTF?!

HELLO. I have all these qualifications.

Since I just got the e-mailt his morning, that means it hasn’t been posted on yet. You can be sure I’ll be watching that to see how much this person will be getting paid.

God I’m annoyed!

My Life


Can I just say that how fucking amazing it is to have the black pearl in my back yard!

Had a dentist appointment the other day, painful. 🙁 I’ve been putting it off for like 2 years, easy to do really. Cause I hate the dentist… The woman was very nice and kinda funny cause she kept swearing.

Working in Newport two days this week, the damn DSL thing up north doesn’t really work that well. I found out that the MIS guys are streaming music over it.. Gee, wonder why it’s so slow… I also had to go talk to the MIS guys the other day, whoever it was, didn’t have a clue about what he was doing.

BTW, thanks to all who helped out with the problem I had the other day… Ended up with a solution somewhat like this (Yes, it’s a MESS):


						  "Summed" => $row['Summed'],

						  "Description" => $row['RangeName']);

		$row = dbi_fetch_row($results);




//	print("COUNT TICKETS: " .  count($Tickets) . "
"); $j = 0; for ($i = 0; $i < count($Tickets); $i++) { $Total = 0; $Total_New = 0; $varName = $Tickets[$i]['Description']; $Ticket_Avg[$varName]['Range'] = $varName; if ($j-1 != -1) { $TempJ = $j - 1; } else { $TempJ = 0; } if ($Ranges[$TempJ] != $varName) { $Ranges[$j] = $varName; $j++; } if ($Tickets[$i]['ID'] != '') { $sql = "SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP(Created) AS Created, OldValue, NewValue FROM Transactions WHERE Type = 'Status' AND (OldValue LIKE 'pend%' OR NewValue LIKE 'pend%') AND ObjectID = " . $Tickets[$i]['ID'] . " ORDER BY ObjectID, Created"; $results = dbi_query($sql); $row = dbi_fetch_row($results); $Difference = 0; while ($row) { $FirstValue = 0; $SecondValue = 0; $FirstValue = $row['Created']; $row = dbi_fetch_row($results); if ($row) { $SecondValue = $row['Created']; } if ($SecondValue > 0) { $Difference = $Difference + ($SecondValue - $FirstValue)/60/60; } // print("First: $FirstValue Second: $SecondValue Difference: $Difference
"); $row = dbi_fetch_row($results); } $Total = $Tickets[$i]['Summed']; if ($Difference > 0) { $Total_New = $Total - $Difference; $Tickets[$i]['Summed'] = $Total_New; } $Ticket_Avg[$varName]['Count'] = $Ticket_Avg[$varName]['Count'] + 1; $Ticket_Avg[$varName]['Total'] = $Ticket_Avg[$varName]['Total'] + $Tickets[$i]['Summed']; // print("Total: $Total Total_New: $Total_New

"); } } // print_r($Ranges); for($i = 0; $i < count($Ranges); $i++) { if ( $Ticket_Avg[$Ranges[$i]]['Total'] > 0) { $ydata[] = $Ticket_Avg[$Ranges[$i]]['Total']/$Ticket_Avg[$Ranges[$i]]['Count']; } else { $ydata[] = 0; } // print("DateRange: " . $Ticket_Avg[$Ranges[$i]]['Range'] . " // Average: " . $Ticket_Avg[$Ranges[$i]]['Total']/$Ticket_Avg[$Ranges[$i]]['Count'] . "
"); } $datax = $Ranges; // print_r($ydata); // print("
"); // print_r($datax); // die(); /* $results = dbi_query($sql); $num_results = mysql_num_rows($results); for ($j = 0; $j < $num_results; $j++) { $row = dbi_fetch_row($results); $ydata[] = $row['Summed']; // print("Phone $j: " . $row['Summed'] . " Range: " . $row['RangeName']. "
"); $datax[] = $row['RangeName']; } */ ?>

I’m sure it’s not the _BEST_ way to do it, but it works! 🙂

I have no plans so far for the long weekend… Got a work event on Friday, other then that nothing.. Blah. Hopefully something will present itself. If not, my clock innards should be here this Friday, so maybe I can finish that up!

Check out this cool graphs of home prices:

Hopefully for me, home prices will crash a bit…. 🙂 Not good for everyone else, or probably the economy in general really.

Adios all!

My Life

Preparing Again

So…. two years ago, I was preparing for the biggest move of my life… Now here I am preparing for another big move, although not near as bad.

The last few days have been stressful and very long. Although, I’ve been getting to bed on time, it just feels like they have been much longer.

Yesterday I went out biking with Rob, and also went shopping for some things I need at the new place. I wanted to buy one of those fun Curver ShowerRods… Who knew they were $40?!? Plus I had to go to three stores before I could even find people selling them!

It was also a LONG day at work. I’m trying to get everything off my old laptop and onto the new one, which is proving to be a pain in the ass. Why does ORACLE never work right the first fucking time! Ugh, I hate this product! I also hate Coldfusion, why are the two things I do more have to use both of those so fucking much! Ugh.

I also hate stupid bitchy drivers… Today I was driving to work, and turning left from MacArthur onto Campus.. The light was red, so I was slowing down to stop. As I’m coming up to it, the light turns green…. I was still slowing a little bit though so that I could make the damn turn… All of a sudden this jackass comes FLYING past me on the left (in the traffic lane for people coming the other way) blaring his horn and flipping me off!… Excuse me bitch!? What the fuck did I do!?!?! I wanted to just bash into him so fucking badly. Jackass.

Dustin is back home this week and seeing all the pictures he’s posting and all the blogs he’s writing makes me want to get my ass home so badly. How I miss thee!

My new MacBook is so fucking cool… When apple came out with the FrontRow application, I thought it was really stupid. But alas, it is so fucking cool! I’m sure it won’t get much use from it since I don’t keep videos, etc on my laptop. But for someone looking to use it as a media center it’s amazing! I also found this fun program called IAlertU. Once you set it with your remote, if anyone tries to move, touch or unplug your laptop it sets off a car alarm like sound and takes a picture with the built in iSight. You can only disarm it with the remote that came with your laptop too… It’s so cool!

Robert hooked me up with this boy in RB, he lives like 2 blocks from my new place… We’ve been writing novels back and forth to each other lately. Sadly, he’s got friends in town till next weekend, but it seems like I’ve already found a potential friend up there! If you’ve seen next with the Ep where the boys go flying, and the Nextor has a dog, well that’s him. The point is, hopefully we’ll be friends! haha.

My Mom’s B-day is coming up soon… I dunno what to do for it.

Well, I’ve already wasted enough time writing this. I have to pack the last of my office up today for it’s transfer to SM tomorrow.


My Life

Long Night

Wow that was one long ass night.

Lets see… Yesterday at work was ok… Nothing exciting as per usual. I’ve been working on this project, and someone else completed it before me.. It’s like, why were we both working on this? I meah of COURSE he was going to finish it before me beacuse he’s oracle trained, and I’m just guessing and leaning this shit as I go.

I feel like I’m not doing a very good job right now.

Whatever.. So I came home and hung out. Robert came over and picked me up at 6 and we went to the theaters and met Patrick there. We saw She’s the Man. And for being a total chick flick, it was really very funny and of course the hot boys did help! They had an amazing redo of the Mary Tyler Moore Theme song, “Love is all around”. I’ve been trying to buy it all morning on iTunes, but it keeps telling me the song has moved! Gah!

After that we went down to Laguna Beach and ate dinner at the Koffee Klatch… About 11 we headed over to the Boom and met up with two other people, who I can’t really remember their names right now. But we all had a really good time I had two long island ice teas and a jack and coke and a huge jack and coke at the Klatch.. So I was pretty wasted. And for some reason I was really in the mood to start a bar fight. If only a certian someone had shown up with. haha.

I also tipped the dancer and got a nice dance from him. The place was pretty dead. but there was this REALLY cute boy in a green shirt, sadly come to find out he had a boyfriend. 🙁 And the boy who was all over me last week was there too, and I kept trying to get his attention, but he was ignoring me this time… I shoulda just made a move.

Tonight I’m supposed to be going out with this guy. But I’m not sure I really want too. I’m getting so socially drained, and last time we hung out he tried making moves on me, and I’m really not in a mood to deal with that right now.

Ugh, and that’s life.

My Life


So I’m running late today for a reason!

Last night I went out to Woody’s in Laguna Beach with Robert, Ben, and Austin. We had a really good time.

But first, yesterday at work was also good. I got a fun reporting project for Oracle and also started looking over some of the code and stuff that KH and the CliOps guys have written, it all looks pretty straight forward and I understand the majority of it already. So that’s good. The hardest part for me is going to be understanding all the Oracle DB relationships, etc. As it’s very confusin. IE: In our DB this ‘0000DDN053’ means that someone has a “Jr.” on thier name! How random is that…

I got off at 2 and went home and then actually went to the gym! How exciting is that. 😀 I worked out for about 30 minutes and then came home and showered and relaxed till Austin got there at 5:30. He had two martini’s while he was waiting for the others to get there.

They finially showed and and actually got me presents! How nice of them! 😀 I totally wasn’t expecting that. We headed out to Laguna Beach and got there and got right in to the table. WE got the artichoke heart and spinach dip for starters. I had this really good roasted chicken with Sun Dried Tomato Mashed Potatos and then we had a dessert as well. We were there till 9pm and then came home.

It was my first time meeting ben and he was nice, but there were times when there were lulls in the conversation and stuff, and it was just a little difficult to find stuff to talk to him about. He seemed to be the OC high and mighty syndrome. But overall I would say that he is nice.

Austin came in to use the bathroom and we laid in bed and he was just going to stay till i fell asleep, but I woke up at 4:30 this morning and he was still there, so I changed my alarm to 7 so that I didn’t have to get him up too early and went back to bed. I got up at 7 and showered and stuff. Since his mom is getting in early this morning, I suggested he just stay at my place if it wasn’t too wierd for him, so he just stayed there and I came into work.

The freaking traffic was so bad, I don’t see how people do that shit! People we’re just so stupid!

BTW: The pain is doing away some, which is nice… But it still hurts.. I can’t wait for this to be over with.