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Preparing Again

So…. two years ago, I was preparing for the biggest move of my life… Now here I am preparing for another big move, although not near as bad.

The last few days have been stressful and very long. Although, I’ve been getting to bed on time, it just feels like they have been much longer.

Yesterday I went out biking with Rob, and also went shopping for some things I need at the new place. I wanted to buy one of those fun Curver ShowerRods… Who knew they were $40?!? Plus I had to go to three stores before I could even find people selling them!

It was also a LONG day at work. I’m trying to get everything off my old laptop and onto the new one, which is proving to be a pain in the ass. Why does ORACLE never work right the first fucking time! Ugh, I hate this product! I also hate Coldfusion, why are the two things I do more have to use both of those so fucking much! Ugh.

I also hate stupid bitchy drivers… Today I was driving to work, and turning left from MacArthur onto Campus.. The light was red, so I was slowing down to stop. As I’m coming up to it, the light turns green…. I was still slowing a little bit though so that I could make the damn turn… All of a sudden this jackass comes FLYING past me on the left (in the traffic lane for people coming the other way) blaring his horn and flipping me off!… Excuse me bitch!? What the fuck did I do!?!?! I wanted to just bash into him so fucking badly. Jackass.

Dustin is back home this week and seeing all the pictures he’s posting and all the blogs he’s writing makes me want to get my ass home so badly. How I miss thee!

My new MacBook is so fucking cool… When apple came out with the FrontRow application, I thought it was really stupid. But alas, it is so fucking cool! I’m sure it won’t get much use from it since I don’t keep videos, etc on my laptop. But for someone looking to use it as a media center it’s amazing! I also found this fun program called IAlertU. Once you set it with your remote, if anyone tries to move, touch or unplug your laptop it sets off a car alarm like sound and takes a picture with the built in iSight. You can only disarm it with the remote that came with your laptop too… It’s so cool!

Robert hooked me up with this boy in RB, he lives like 2 blocks from my new place… We’ve been writing novels back and forth to each other lately. Sadly, he’s got friends in town till next weekend, but it seems like I’ve already found a potential friend up there! If you’ve seen next with the Ep where the boys go flying, and the Nextor has a dog, well that’s him. The point is, hopefully we’ll be friends! haha.

My Mom’s B-day is coming up soon… I dunno what to do for it.

Well, I’ve already wasted enough time writing this. I have to pack the last of my office up today for it’s transfer to SM tomorrow.


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So what is this transfer to SM for? I remember you talking about a promotion of sorts.

So that I can be closer and more accesible by the people I serve..

I was turned down for the “promotion” because the guy making decisions is an idiot.

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