Last Weekend as an OCer

Well, my last weekend as an OC Boy. 🙁

And it was honestly pretty fun!

Friday I didn’t do anything too fun. I worked, got bored and went home early. Mostly because I needed to download Fedora to actually DO any work, and it’s faster to go home and download it then it is to try and do it here at the office. I also went on a bike ride, went shopping for a bunch of stuff and did some other random stuff.

Ended up staying in that night though because I was tired and not feeling all that great. Watched The Producers. It was really good and I want to go see the play so badly now! Went to bed early.

Saturday I got up and did Laundry till like noon and then Austin called, so I went over there and we went down to Laguna Beach. Spent like 3 hours there hanging out and stuff and then went back to his place and showered and met Joel and Ryan in Dana Point for Sushi. It was a good day.

From there we all separated and I went home for like an hour before meeting up with Joel and Ryan at thier place for pre-drinks. 11ish we headed out to the boom. Had a fairly good night there, some random people came up and talked to him. The guy was really cute and I tried talking to him more, but he didn’t really seem too interested in talking. 🙁 They were asking me if I was from Kansas.

Ryan and Joel started talking to this random 34 year old guy. Who I thought was really nasty and creepy. Anyways, they invited him to Jack-in-the-box. I think they were trying to hook me up with him. But before the night was over, it was Ryan who got the hook up.

Anyways, after JITB, we were heading back to the car when Ryan decided he had to pee, so the random guy invited us up to his place so that he could do that… Then of course Ryan kept talking and we couldn’t get the hell out of there.. Needless to say I was REALLY pissed and Ryan ended up hoooking up with the random guy in the bathroom while Joel and I were sitting out on the balcony.

Finially got out of there at like 3am. Got home and just crashed.

Sunday I got up and was just lounging around the house. Went shopping at the Shops and got a second power adapter for my MacBook. Got home from that and was just sitting down when Andrew called and wanted to hang out. So I went up there and Austin met us. We watched Golden Girls and then went shopping at the block. I bought a really cute stripped shirt… Just what Austin HATES! lol.

Speaking of though. That boy is so fucking wierd. He IMed me on friday and was like, “We need to hang out more, blah blah blah” it was so wierd. But it was days like Sat/Sun that made me like him so much in the first place, hopefully that doesn’t cause an issue again. Though I’m doubtful it will.

I also got a bit depressed this weekend about the whole Dustin issue, it was really sad and annoying. I’m just so ready to fucking find someone and get a life started with my partner!

Which brings us to the Andrew issue… as he stated in his latest blog, we’re both looking for the same things, and we could get that out of each other.. But honestly, I just don’t think another relationship between the two of us would work out. There’s just too much history and stuff there now. I think we’re just bound to be friends. Hopefully for life. Plus with him moving in a year… who knows.

Andrew and I went and picked up the keys to my apartment, it kinda made me not as excited about it was I was originally. I got a much better look at the kitchen and bathroom, and they are both pretty gross… Mostly the floors are really gross… I was thinking I could get some of those sticky floors and just put those down or something to make it better… It is much bigger then I remembered. So that’s good.

3 thoughts on “Last Weekend as an OCer”

  1. Yeah it’s kind of funny that when a person goes to look at these places the first time and decides on one and so when you go back, there are things that you don’t remember the first time.

  2. Yeah, and it was even worse when I went to loook at it originally because the guy still had all his shit in there, and he was like standing right there. So I was nervous and felt wierd really snopping around like I normally do.

    I think it’ll be ok though… Just not as NICE as I had remembered it. The stove is like 100 years old though. lol.

  3. Technically you said you were moving in a year too, so I wouldn’t use that as an excuse. Plus, why live in the future? Just a random thought.

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