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It’s a Love/Hate thing…


Resons I hate Windows:

Had to re-install my old Dell laptop today to get linux off it… After an hour of installation, I went to run windows update… “ERROR: NO NETWORK CARD”! So I look, no drivers… So then I go searching for a damn CD that’s long since lost.. Finially find it (Hiding under a desk somewhere). Pop it in, and there’s this wonderful list of 16 Drivers i have to MANUALLY install!

Hello people? Why not have ONE PROCESS that just installs them all automatically.. For each fucking one, I had to unzip (4 clicks), then install (4-10 clicks). Ugh!

And then, once I got that done… A wonderful HOUR of fucking windows update and 4 reboots later, it’s finially working… With zero software. :'(

Reasons I love Iowa:

I had to call Allied today to update a bunch of things and do other stuff… Everyone was so friendly! And chatty and they asked me about the weather here, and this girl told me the story bout how she was just here from Iowa and depressed about the June Gloom… It was so funny, and we chatted about the move and how scary it is… People were just WAY more friendly then ANY OTHER help desk line I’VE EVER CALLED. I thank Allied, and the midwest for that! 🙂

Reasons I hate the Post Office:

I need to change some stuff and fix things at my new place… So I look around.. The post office DOES NOT list ANY of the local branch phone numbers! VERY ANNOYING. Because the 800 number puts you into this continus loop of automatted shit!

Reasons I love my MacBook:

It’s so sexy. 🙂

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Sometimes if you use a phone book website like, and look for United States Postal Service for whereever it is you’re going, it’ll give you the local phone number. I usually just submit a change of address card at my current post office before I move. They process them quickly and life is happy.

Yeah, but the thing is that when I moved here I had to call them and pay a Key change fee… So I gotta call the new post office and find out if I have to do the same thing…

Fucking Govement! These numbers should be pastered everywhere!

What the hell is a “Key change fee”? When I moved here I didn’t have to pay such a thing. I just filled out the change of address form, walked it up to the desk and submitted it with them. Weird…….

A way for the govment to steal more of our money? haha.

I think they change the locks on the mailbox after each person moves out… So you have to pay for that… It was freaking $30 though!

Wow.. that’s such crap! I think your old place is trying to pass it’s own security issues on to you. That type of charge should be noted on your lease as a clause when moving out. My complex has keys, my previous complex has keys. Hell, some of the dorms at ISU had keys. Not once did/have I have/had to pay a key charge when moving. I returned my keys, the complex notated that I’d recieved 1/2 key(s) when moving in and I returned 1/2 key(s) when moving out. Mailbox keys are supposedly unduplicatable (if that’s a word), so you can’t make copies. Thus returning as many as you got when moving in, you shouldn’t have to change the locks on the box as all keys are accounted for.

Yeah, out here the complexs don’t handle the keys… You are supposed to turn them back into the post office. So I guess it’s just policy to re-do the locks after each person moves out. Seems like a huge waste to me.

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