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Unproductive Day…

Ugh, I hate unproductive days!

Today, I spent the WHOLE DAY in meetings… Very annoying. I sure hope that every day isn’t like that once I move up there. 🙁

I was very annoyed by one of the meetings. Some people are just way to STUCK on one way to do things, and REFUSE to freaking learn about change!

My bike is also telling me I’m too fat, the bolt that holds my seat on broke in half today… I had to walk 4 miles home.


3 replies on “Unproductive Day…”

While this sucks… you totally aren’t fat (considering the various pictures you’ve posted). I’d say the bolts are bad.

I would agree with kolakitty that the bolt was probably bad.

Besides, think about all that walking probably did you some good too!! Although I would have to say pushing your bike all the way home would not have been fun.

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