A Little Update

I’m just taking a quick little break here from programming my PHP thing of MIS 433. Very interesting stuff there. Good times.

The last couple days have been VERY long. Though today’s going by very fast. Which is really nice.

Yesterday was class as usual. The group had some problems on Tuesday night removing a foreign key in Oracle. So they were going to stay after and talk to the prof about it. I had to leave to meet up with Andrew at our scheduled time.

As I was driving there the group called me and said that we’d have to recreate all the tables to get it all to work right again. I was not happy about that. Since I wouldn’t be near a computer that day, I would have to do it this morning before the test. Which I was hoping to get to study that whole time. Eh, whatever.

So I drove to Andrew’s and we hung out there for a while. His mom was being very weird, and nice. Strange woman she is. We ate, I love eating at his house, they always have such yummy food. Though we usually eat the same things, either sandwhiches or pasta. Always good though! lol. After that we scanned some pics of his and then headed out to my house.

Oh, he got his hair cut and it’s so UBER cute… Why do I have such a HOT bf??

Got there, went swimming and then watched the Floods of ’93 movie. Since Andrew wasn’t here for that, and he wanted to see what it was all about. The movie wasn’t that good beacuse they re-used so much of the same footage. I know there was TONS more that they could have used. And I think my Uncle was in there too. But I’m not sure. I haven’t seen him in forever, but it did look like him. Very crazy. They left a lot of what happened out though, and focused mainly on the DM Water Works.

Let’s just say that it wasn’t worth the money.

Though it was sad to see all that again. And scary too because just today in the paper here in Ames there’s a big article about how the Skunk River is at flood stage now. Very scary.

After that we ate and then headed up to camp. It was good there. We didn’t have to walk around much, but they had cancelled the Tower show, which is sad because that should have been uber fun. And I’ve always wanted to see it. Since I worked at camp the year they started doing the tower show, I never did get to actually see what it was all about. The pool show that they’ve done in years past wasreally funny, so I expect that the tower show would be the same.

Shoemaker, Goat, Rissie, BaldBoy and a few others that I knew were on staff, and I was very scared of them recognizing me. Though I don’t think any of them did. Eventually the CampFire started and it was great. Not as good as some years past. But still good. IT had a Mr. Rogers theme, which was odd because we’ve never had a campfire like that. They did the Princess/Prince skit which is always GREAT! And it was even better because Rissie and Crazy did it, and they’re the only ones I’ve ever seen do it right. So great though! Andrew seemed to really enjoy it.

No songs though, that was sad.

After that the call out. It was really good as well, though the fires went out because the wood was wet. It’s always sad when that happens, because for a lot of people those are the only real bon-fires they’ll ever see. I wish that we hadn’t cut the size of them down though. They are much smaller now then what they used to be. We had to cut it down though because sometimes the Ashes would fly up into the Pole-Mans face and then he couldn’t sing. So it’s s saftey thing, but still. Big fires are fun!

I really wish that I could show someone the other ceremonies that happen later that night. But I can’t. 🙁

We left there about 10:00 and drove back to my place, sat in my drive way saying buy, I finally had to open my car door and just shove Andrew out and drive away. I really hate having to go back to Ames on Wed nights. I just want to stay there and hang out for the rest of the night.

Got home and went straight to bed.

Got up this morning at 7, showered, ate and then went to campus. Created those tables and then studied. I looked at the test online and it said that we could have tell 5 this evening to do it. So I was going to just go to class and spend that time doing the practice test, then go and do the actual test later that day, after I had had more time to study. However the prof had different plans, he did say we could do it later, but he preffered that we do it in class. So I did, and I didn’t do as well as I had wanted. I did do alright though, so that’s nice!

After that went and did a group meeting to work on databases some more. Then I rode to work. Which is where I am now, doing this and working very hard today. Lots of lines of PHP have been written and many more are to come. I’ll have to have someone massage my hands tonight.

I’m so glad though that today’s going by really fast. I can’t wait tell Friday to get to see my Drew Bear again!

I’m a little strapped for cash this month. I over spent while Andrew was on the trip (By about $62), and now only have $70 to last me though the 31st.

Speaking of money, we semi-discussed the flight plans for trips to EWR. I guess Andrew’s ticket is being paid for my his mom’s company, so she has no control over what he flys. Very sad, because that may mean I’ll have to fly there alone. I really don’t want to do that, because the whole point of this trip is to travel together. I won’t like that if that’s what happens. Though, I’m REALLY excited to get to go out there. We have a TON of stuff planned to do on the trip. And we’re leaveing Aug 12th. Good times!

I must be out now, this was supposed to be short!

And That’s My Life…

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