Firewall Schmiverwall

I hate firewalls. We got the new one here at work last Thursday and I haven’t been able to get it to work properly yet. It’s getting to be very annoying. I have it working now with a fake network, but that’s not how we want it to work, eventually, yeah we want it to do what I have it doing now, but not right now. Grrr.

Yesterday was good, work and the like. Nothing much really going on.

I called Angel back, but she didn’t answer. So I left a message. She called back late that night, I don’t know what time, but I didn’t hear my phone, so obviously didn’t answer. Left me a message saying she was packing to go out of town. I’ll call her back later though. At least I know she still knows I’m alive.

I didn’t really do anything last night besides talk to Andrew online. I should have been doing a ton of stuff while I was online, but I just didn’t feel like it. I haven’t been very motivated this week. Mainly I think because it’s the last week of classes and I don’t care anymore about this stupid class. It’s so fucking boring! Grrr.

I can’t wait untell tomorrow afternoon. I’ll only have 2 days of that horrid class left, and I’ll be hanging out with Andrew at his house. I think the plans are to meet up at his, hang out, go swimming, then camp. I’ve been thinking that maybe we’ll eat at camp that night. I’ll see how much it costs. I just think that it’d be semi-fun. I also need to pay for my OA membership. But I wouldn’t be able to do that tell about midnight and I want to be home long before then! lol.

I was bored today at work and was looking up the Dems running for pres. I think I like Dean out of them all the most. So I’ll probably vote for him. Though the election is still a LONG ways away, so it might change before then.

I’ve printed off a bunch of “A Little Mmm” and “Unbrand-America” posters and I’m going to go put them around campus tonight after my group meeting. It’ll be a long day today. According to my buddy list I’ve already been gone from my house for 10 hours, and by the time the group meeting is over and I get home, that’ll probably be about 13 or so. Great…

Why isn’t it Wed yet? ::ponders skipping class::

And that’s my life.

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