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A Nice Massage

So this weekend was uber great getting to see Andrew again. It’s going to be so hard once school starts. I know that we’ll be able to keep in touch through phone/e-mail/aim. But that’s just not enough. I’m very worried about what’ll happen between us once the time comes though, relationship and friendship wise.

Waiting for him at the Airport I think was the hardest part of the week, that is after that part where he left. I was just very anxious to see him again. Just sitting there waiting for him to come walking down those stairs. It was very very nerveracking. I couldn’t wait any longer.

Once he got home we went and did all that stuff. Unfortunitally I got really annoyed at Outback. I didn’t want to, because I knew that Andrew liked going there. And I wanted to have a good time. I wanted Saturday to be a really good day. The original plans were to have lunch a Boston Market, which I have found out is no longer in DM. From there we were supposed to go out with Skinny and anyone else that wanted to see him that day, including Courtney and the like. And then go to Outback to have a nice dinner together.

Eh, Plans have to change, I guess. But anyways, I just got REALLY annoyed with the waitress there at Outback. Grrr.

Saturday night though was very good. We went hot tubbing and then slept in the tent. I got a good fingering. And there were a few times where it felt like Enfuego’s head was in, but I don’t know for sure. I was very confused as to how far that should have gone. But it was really really great that night. REALLY great. Unfortunitally I couldn’t get a comfortable posistion for jacking us off, so Andrew finished both of us. He did a lot of extra work this weekend, so I’ll have to re-pay him for that! lol.

Sunday was really good to get to just hang out and spend time together. We had a good time at the book store, though I wish they would have had more books that I liked. And I wish they were more organized, or somehow easier to read the labels. My head hurts after a while of looking at things sideways. lol.

Oh, breakfast Sunday was really nice too. And he paid, thanks for that!

Sunday afternoon we went back to my house and I gave him the massage. That was really nice and romanticish I thought, though it could have been more so.

I also massaged his ass, and amazingly he let me access! Very good times, hopefully I’ll get access again sometime because I didn’t get to finish what I wanted too! 😛

Camp was great and it was so nice to have him come up with me. I really wish we would have had a little more time. And that we could have actually gone to the campfire. Whatever though, it was nice to be back up there.

Overall this has been a really really great weekend, and I’m so glad that my Drew Bear is back.

Only about 6 more weeks left together though, and that’s really sad. 🙁

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