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I’m Not Done With That

Wow, so it’s been a long weekend and there’s lots to talk about…

First off, I’m not even going to waste my energy writing a response to the whole Adam thing. My Journal, I write what I want. Topics that were covered have a possibility of going here. Get over it.

Lets see.

Friday I went up to Perry, very early in the morning. I was supposed to meet up with my Aunt and Cousin, but when I got there there were a bunch of other people there as well. I guess my Aunt works with them, and they invited themselves to come up. She was very annoyed. We went to the parade and that was fun. There were some really hot CowBoys in it. Yummy. After that we went back to my aunts house, the stupid people followed. Spent some time there and then headed to the park where they were having this HUGE grill out. Beak accidentally ordered 4 tacos when she only wanted 2, but it worked out. Her and I just split them, they were Uber good and it was only $7 for the 4 tacos and a drink. I wish you could get that kind of food for that cheap elsewhere. We also ate a Funnel cake, so good!

From once we were done eating we walked around the park and all of us stared at the hot cowboys. lol. From there back to the Aunt’s house where we made ice cream, cookies and ate pis. All so very good!

Spent the rest of the evening just hanging out and talking and some small child came over. Oh, we also went and saw Legally Blonde 2. Very amusing movie.

Andrew called as well and we talked for a little bit. Didn’t talk very long because the Aunt and Cousin were throwing in strange comments. It was good to get to hear from him though I wasn’t expecting to get to talk to him until late Friday sometime. The Aunt really wants to meet him now. So we may have to take a quick trip to Perry sometime.

Finally went off to see fireworks about 9:30. Andrew called again while we were on the way there and we talked some more. Again it was short talk, but we talked about his fireworks. And about the plans for Saturday when he got home.

Fireworks for us were really good. It’s amazing that such a small town can put on such a good show really.

Once they were over about 10:30 I drove home and went to bed.

Saturday I was awaken by my phone ringing. At first I thought it was just the alarm going off, and since it was on the other side of the room, I was just going to leave it and let it stop on it’s own. I really didn’t need to be as early as I had set it and I was still very tired. But as I was more and more drug out of my sleep, I realized that it was actually the phone ringing. So I jumped up and answered it. It was Andrew and he was calling to let me know that his flight plans had changed yet again! He was still in SC and there was weather in Chicago. So the new plans were changed and he wouldn’t be in to DSM tell 4pm. I was so annoyed by that, because everything I had planned for the day was then ruined. But whatever, I’m sure that he was even more annoyed then I was. We talked a little bit about the whole situation and some more about the fireworks the night before. After a bit we got off the phone.

I went and showered and then decided to go swimming since I now had TONS of time before he got in. So that’s what I did from about 9:30 tell 12noon. Then from noon tell about 3ish I just sat around my house and did nothing. It was very boring.

Finally left and I drove to the airport. I was getting a bit queasy in my stomach because I was so excited that he was coming back. I got there about a half an hour early and sat there waiting for him to come down the stairs. It’s really really annoying that you can’t go wait by the terminal anymore. I hate it. I started to cry a couple times because I was thinking about when he leaves and how sad that’ll be. And then I’d be like, think happy thoughts, he’s coming back and then I’d cry some more because I missed him so.

By the time finally walked down the stairs I had gotten control of myself and wasn’t crying anymore. I saw him coming and picked up the flower that I had brought him and walked up to him. We hugged and kissed and then went off to get his luggage.

Which they lost.

We sat there in the airport for about 20 minutes waiting for them to try and find it. It was so so good to finally get to see him again.

Eventually we gave up waiting and drove back to his house, he unpacked a few things and then we drove to Mike’s house and hung out with him for a bit. It was good to get to see him again, and if I do say, he was looking mighty fine. Lol.

From his place we went to OutBack. I really dislike that place, but it was on our list of places to go, so I thought it would be nice to take Andrew there as a welcome back type thing, just a nice dinner just the two of us. And especially since my original plans had been fucked sine he was 5 hours late getting in, I thought it would be super nice.

On the way there Courtney called and Andrew invited her to come along with us. It wasn’t a big deal, he has been gone for a whole week and I’m sure that she wanted to see him to. We got to Outback and the wait was an hour, we sat and waited. Courtney showed up and we waited some more. Finally we got in. By that time I was semi-annoyed at a lot of little things. The waitress that we had though just really set me off and I was pissed for the rest of dinner. She was such a stupid bitch. I won’t even go into it.

After supper Andrew and I went back to my house, where we set up a tent and then went hot tubbing. It was really good to get in there after such a long day. Though it was a bit warm.

After that we went and slept in the tent. It was a good night for me, but it was raining and thundering all night so we really didn’t sleep all that well.

Got up early Sunday morning and went inside. Did a bunch of stuff and then went off. We were supposed to meet Mike for breakfast, but he never called us back, so we just went off on our own and had breakfast at Perkins on MH. From there we went to the half-price book store and spent a couple hours there. After that back to Mike’s place where we hung out for a while.

From there back to Andrew’s where we stayed tell 5:30ish. Found out that Andrew’s Step dad is an Eagle scout. Also a few annoyances there, but hopefully every thing’s taken care of. Drove from his place back to mine and I gave Andrew a massage. About 7:30 we left for camp.

The ride there was fun. I love those roads! Got there and gave Andrew the tour. Took him all over, even the COPE course and the Nature cabin. I’d like to take him down the trail of 101 steps. But we didn’t have time, and it’ll be in use on Wed when we go back up there. Finally campfire started but it was in the council ring. Which is very hard to sneek into. We were going to, but the staff was sitting right infront of the entry way, so I didn’t want to. Stupid me.

I felt really bad for dragging him up there and then not getting to show him the actual campfire. But I still had a good time, and I hope that he did to.

I finally got home about 10:45. I was uber tired and it was REALLY hot in my apartment.

Today has been pretty boring. I don’t care enough to write about it.

Angel called me while I was in class. So I’ll have to call her back to find out what she wanted.

Over all it was a very good weekend, and I’m SO happy that Andrew’s back! Can’t wait tell Wed, we’re going to hang out at his place and then swimming at mine and then back to CAMP!


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