Lenni Lenape

It’s the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape. That lived in New Jersey, not the main tribe of the Lenni Lenape. 😛

Anyways, yesterday was so great. We spent some time scanning pictures at his house, which was nice. Though, boring for me all at the same time. lol. I didn’t mind really, beecause what else would we really have been doing??

After that swimming, then hottubing. I really wish that my PU’s wouldn’t have been home when we were doing that. Perhaps this weekend we can go after dark if it’s still warm enough. Hopefully it will be.

From the pool/hottub we went up to my room, where we made out for a while. Then I gave Andrew another nice massage. I don’t think he really needed it, but he earned it. 😛 I also got more access again. Which is very exciting. I hope that means he’s getting used to it, so that way it’ll be easier in the future. He sure came a good one though last night. lol. I laugh just thinking about it… But I also get hard at the same time… “Down Hoody, Down!”

Once we were done with that, it was movie, food, camp. Camp was so nice to have him there, and so great that he really wants to learn about it all, and is trying to understand it all. Because I know it can be confusing. It really means a lot to me that he came. I’m still contemplating whether I want to go up on Friday or not. WE’ll have to see if we have any other plans for that day before then.

Drove home talking about more camp stuff and the like. Got home and just sat in my drive way forever saying goodbye, it’s always so hard. I don’t know how it’ll happen in LAX.

He said “I love you” again. It’s always so reassuring to hear him say it, and be the first to say it. It really makes me feel good when he says it those words.

We finally parted ways.

As I said in the public update… I can’t wait tell Friday!


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