I Have To Pee!!

So today’s been very boring so far… Thank god it’s already 2:30. Otherwise I’d shoot myself.

I went into campus early this morning and sold my MIS book back. I only got $24 for it. Though, it’s better then nothing. So that’s good. I treated myself to some Chinesse food for lunch from that money. I also grabbed a bunch of books from my Apartment that I want to sell at the Half-Price Book store so perhaps we’ll go do that tonight. I really need the money.

I also have a ton of books from my house that I want to sell too.

Class was good, we were done by 11:00 so that was good. We gave our presentation and he seemed to like it. Everyone did about the same I think, presentation wise. I don’t think he was really grading it, he just wanted something to waste time on the last day and get people to show up.

After that I came to work. Nazanin’s gone today, so no one is really doing much. Though it is very hectic because everyone’s getting ready for a conference next week. Well actually two conferences. I need to get that damn firewall working properly. Perhaps I’ll call Lighthouse and get some info from them. Whatever. It’s very frustrating that it’s not working properly.

Not much else going on around here today. I’m very excited to get to be home this weekend. One month from tomorrow Andrew and I shall be off to EWR.

And that’s my life…

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