So let’s see here, what’s been going on. This weekend was tons of fun, I was SO happy to be back and in my Topher’s arms again. Though VERY annoyed at the stupid plane people. GRR.

That night I gave Chris lots of good pleasure (I hope!) in the tent and it was fun b/c it was outside and in a tent and that just made it fun. We both shot some nice loads that night. Yeah.

Sunday again was good, though I woke up with a raging headache. We did just a lot of random things that day. Then we went to camp at night and it was really cool to hear all about it. So much more complexity to BoyScouts than I ever imagined. But yeah I get most of it (that doesn’t mean I REMEMBER all of it) and I am trying my hardest to rememer as much as I can, and I think I’m doing a fairly ok job. Like I know the OA goes Ordeal, Brotherhood, Vigil. Hows that eh? lol.

It was hard to say bye Sunday since I still wanted to spend time with him since I had just gotten back. But we managed and nothing happened till Wednesday.

Wed he came down and we hung out here, scanning pictures, which he didn’t want to do but I REALLY had to get done. I need to scan a whole lot more cause in a few weeks, I won’t have a scanner anymore! I just wish I hadn’t put all those pics in my photo album now, since I want to scan most of them! DAMN!

We just generally had a good day, we went swimming and popped in the hot tub for a few. After that, went upstairs where I got a very nice massage and rubdown. It was very nice. Very nice. Then I got a rimmy mmmm mmm. And other stuff, my boo tay let Chris in again, I think he was excited about that. I don’t know how much he had in but it sure felt good. Once or twice it was a bit too much of a push, but overall VERY enjoyable. I came with Chris fingering me, jacking me, and licking my knee. I was close, and then he licked the top of Enfuego, and I just fucking blew. I shot up to my ear. Crazyness. Then I jacked him and licked him and he came too. Then we watched a movie about the floods of 93. Very interesting, though had they only used each clip of footage once, it would’ve been about 1/2 the length it was. After that we had some yummy hamburgers and then broke for camp. Drove up there and hung out,something bugged me in the car but I can’t remember now, so it obviously wasn’t big.

Got there, walked around just a little, then went to the Tower thing but it was cancelled, so we headed to the amphitheater. Got some good seats and waited for the Scouts to come. They finally did, there were 10 million of them, and the show thing started. I really liked it, mainly b/c of the randomness. SPOONS! lol cracks my shit up. And the Prince/Princess skit was good and really funny too. An enjoyable time no doubt. After that we allfiled out for the calling out ceremony. Stood there and got eaten by the bugs and watched the scary, half naked people stare at little children meanly. Good times! After everyone got called out, we broke b/c Chris didn’t want to stay and hear all the names being called out. Drove home, talked, blah blah, said goodbye in the driveway. Again, hard to leave. Isn’t it always??

Now it’s Friday, and I get to see him in just about 10 hours! Yippee yay! Unfortunately, getting to see him means I first have to suffer through 7 1/2 hours of work. I think that maybe work is like my task. Once I overcome it, then I get rewarded (IE, Chris) but if that’s so why does it suck so much? I dunno, work may actually be so that I can make lots of money. But whatever.

ANyways, time to start getting ready.

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