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The weekend that wouldn’t stop…

So this weekend just seemed to keep on going. Which was really good. Friday I met up with Andrew about 5:45ish, his mom was supposed to be cooking supper, but the people that have looked at the house 4 times were going to be coming over, so she decided not to. We ate something real quick and hung out at his for a while. Once we left we headed to the half-price store to get sell some books back. I took in some old computer books. I got $15 back for them, which was pretty good I thought, considering how old they were.

From there we went downtown for a while. And then decided to go see a movie. Legally Blonde 2. Very good movie I must say. After that I drove Andrew back to his car and we broke for the night.

Saturday I awoke really early, 7:30. But I didn’t actually get out of bed tell about 10 or so. Once I did, I just sat around and didn’t really do much. Andrew finally called me about 12:20 and we made plans to meet up at about 1ish.

I left PC and drove there, stupid stupid people driving that day. Very annoying.

Got to his place and we finalized the dates for the trips to EWR/LAX. Aug 11th is the day we’re leaving. I’m still very worried about all the flights though. Ate lunch there and then spent a large part of the day helping/watching him pack stuff. It was nice to hang out with him, a bit boring. But I’m totally understanding that he has to pack, and the weekend is one of the few times that he has to do that. I also want to be there when he packs because I think that’s probably the time that he most needs someone there. Packing just brings to reality how soon he is moving.

We left there about 3ish, I think. The weekend just seems to be all blurring together for some reason this morning. Anyways, I do remember that we drove from his place to the new porn store off exit 159. That was very amusing times. The guy that was working was uber friendly for some reason. And then have a HUGE, and I mean HUGE!, gay porn DVD section. Very good. Now I just wish that it was closer to here to rent porn from! Lol. Though, it’s probably closer then driving all the way to the south side.

After that we drove back to Ankeny, stopped to eat. It was uber expensive there, but I already told Andrew that I would pay, and that we were eating there. So it was too late. Whatever though, the food was good.

Oh, I forgot that we went bowling on Saturday too! That was fun. Thanks Beak for the free tickets and if you get anymore that you don’t want to use, I’ll gladly take them!

After supper we went back to my house, hot tubbed and then went to bed. Andrew spent the night.

Sunday morning we got up, showered and ate breakfast at my house. From there we went back to his and packed some more. We also took TONS of pictures for his ebay items that he has up. Everyone should go bid on them to make him happy! Lol.

After that we went to the half-price books store again to sell more books. I took in a bunch more compter books and an old Business book that I have. All the computer books were about the same age as the ones that I took in on Friday. Though this time they only offered me $1 for all of them. I mean this was like 10 books! I was uber pissed about this. Because it just shows that they really don’t have much of a plan on how they pay for books. They just guess or something. I was very annoyed, and they wouldn’t even take my Business book because It has highlighting. Well duh, of course it does, it’s a fucking college text book! Grr. I was just annoyed with that.

Once we were done with that we went and got ice cream. Which I really didn’t need but it was so good!

From there back to his house, where we met up with Ginny. And then went to the airport to pick up Jenny and her sister. That was fun times.

Broke late that night after some laying in bed talking about things, and a bit of crying.

Got home late that night and got my mail… Two bills of course. Very annoyed with that, though I realized that I already paid one of them, and my electric bill is only $1.88 this month. Which is very odd. I’ll have to look at that again tonight when I’m more awake to figure out what’s actually going on there. Because it should have been closer to $30.00 or so.

Also thinking about where I want to move after college. With everyone else that I hang out with talking about their moving, and going away to college it’s got me thinking a lot. I really want to move west, and I have for a long time. Though I don’t think Cali is the place, and if it is, it would either be San Diego, or more north, but not around LA, or SF. I was thinking Washington for a while, but I want to stay away from there because they are infected with the evil M$ Virus there. Arizona still has potential. But I don’t really know how much. I’m very scared about it all though, because I know that at the job fairs here at ISU they only have employers from this area of the country. As Sue said not that long ago, And why did you stay here??

One year seems like a long time, but I know that it’ll go by really fast… Just look at how fast the last 2 months have gone by already.

Today I’ve been very busy at work, though I think things will slow down now this afternoon. I went through my old entries this morning and changed a few of them from private to public, and I’ve been thinking about some more code upgrades, but those would all be for me. We’ll see if I get around to it or not.

Tonight will consist of 80’s music and CD burning.

And that’s my life.

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