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Gay Bois in the OC

I wish gay boys in the OC were more gay.

I wish they would be out, and about.

I wish they would go out and hugg and kiss in public.

I wish they would put stickers on thier cars.

I wish they would hold hands, and be who they are…

Instead they all hide and pretend to not be gay, when they clearly are.

Gay boys in DM Iowa were much more out then they are here.

Fuck you all.

I’m forgetting Oracle for Wiki and installing mysql on the solaris box. Even though Jon said that he’d prefer Oracle, it seems that why they say, “Works on Oracle” they mean it really doesn’t.

Constant, “Error in SQL Syntax” errors. and other shit. Very annoying. Half the fucking initialization script didn’t work.

Oh well.

6 more hours.. I want to go home now.

laters all.

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