I’m so Lucky

To be able to work with such smart people at my office.

Everyone there really seems to know their shit, no bullshit, etc.

After seeing these people in this training class and hearing the kinds of questions they have, it’s amazing that they are able to keep the jobs they have.

We were talking about Character sets the other day and the professor was explaining how Oracle will convert a date format to whatever format the User has specified in their session. IE, I’m in the US, so I have a US char set. Therefore I can tell Oracle today’s date is ’01-12-2008′ and it will know that means January, 12. Not December 1 as it would be in Europe. However, if I’m in Europe and have some european char set, it will give me todays date in 12-01-2008.

So some girl asks. “So what if I have a user in China and they enter their name in Chinese, will Oracle convert that to English?”

Are you fucking kidding me?!? WTF! And this girl is a DBA at Edwards Airforce base! A couple days before that the professor went off on a tangent about the primaries and electoral colleges, etc. The same girl asked what an electoral college was. This woman was freaking in her 40’s! How do you NOT KNOW what an electoral college is?

UGH. Seriously! And these DBA’s were asking questions that they should ALREADY KNOW! I mean seriously, I’ve hardly touched Oracle, I know how to install it, I know how to write SQL and PL/SQL, and that’s about it! But I knew alot more about the advanced Oracle setup then they did. Most of them had NO BACKUP policies in place, no RAID on the servers, nothing. So basically if there’s a horrible crash, they lose EVERYTHING.

How do these people get to the positions that they have? I don’t freaking get it!

2 thoughts on “I’m so Lucky”

  1. I don’t know how the database would know what an IE session is set to, but I don’t use Oracle, so I feel exempted. Seriously, though? Some of these people seem to think that software has a magic “make it work” function or an easy button to make everything just happen. Translating Chrinese to English? The Electoral College? Wow.

  2. It doesn’t use the IE session. It uses the session that the Connection Application is set to. So if you have your Application deployed in many countries, connecting to the same backend database, it’ll use the connecting application’s NLS_DATE_FORMAT env variable.

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