Cloned Food.

So I was reading the yesterday that the FDA has yet again approved Cloned meat and Milk to be introduced into the food supply.

I’m sorry, but I really don’t understand what the point of cloning food is. We have NO IDEA what kind of effects it will have in the long run. This is basically the same as in breeding. They’ll be taking the most prized animals, cloning them and then breeding the clones.

It all seems very unsafe to me. This is what “selective” breeding is for anyways, it’s just being taken to a whole nother level.

I disapprove.

One thought on “Cloned Food.”

  1. The reason I heard in the CBS podcast (nightly news). Is that it will be cheaper to clone specimens that they can then use to reproduce. So supposedly, is not that we’ll eat the cloned animals, but their “natural” offspring. So it would be cheaper to have a “pure bred” bull cloned than actually finding another one and paying lots of money for it. I still find it pretty creepy and I would have to disagree as well, but then again I’ve been trying to cut back meat consumption anyway.

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