Ugh! Yesterday was a really bad day for me…

First the accident.

Then I get to training and he comes in and basically starts with a pop-quiz… Picks me first and starts asking all these questions about databases and shit. Stuff I would have known back in college. Stuff that I know the concepts to, but not the technical terms.

Anyways, I don’t know any of his answers… He says. “Well you should have learned all that in the first part of this class”. Somehow I got signed up for “Oracle Database 10g: Administration Workshop II”… NOTICE the two “II” at the end? Well I didn’t until yesterday!

My CEO sent me a link a while back and said. “Sign up for this class”. The link was directly to the signup page which needed all kinds of personal information, so he couldn’t do it for me. I didn’t even bother to look at the title at the time. And now when I go back and look at the confirmation page that I printed it just says “Oracle Database 10g: Administration Workshop”. I had NO IDEA that I was being signed up for the level 2 class. I SHOULD have been in the Level 1 class! I don’t know that much about Oracle.

I don’t know if he just thinks I know more then I do, or what. But it was very stressful all day because of that, and the accident and my Insurance agent kept calling and what not. There were moments when I was about ready to just crawl under the desk and cry. lol

Last night I decided that I wasn’t in the mood to drive back to LA, and I had already planned on hanging out with Nick for a couple hours, so I asked if I could just crash there. He agreed, so I went down there and we had dinner at Koffee Klatch and watched October Sky. Which was an excellent movie.

Speaking of Movie, this past weekend was just excellent at least. Friday I picked up Const from the airport and dressed up as a chauffeur, with a sign even. I carried his bags for him and what not. Saturday we went shopping with Erick and Jason for the day then headed out to Pasadena for a Thanksgiving dinner. That was lots of fun to hang out with some of Constantine’s friends for once. Sunday we lounged around the house for a couple hours and then went to Best Buy to spend my Gift Certificate, which I again couldn’t really find anything that I wanted to spend the money on. After that we went and watched The Bucket List. It was a pretty good movie. I was crying by the end, but I would suggest waiting for it to come out for rent or something. Some stupid lady behind us kept talking through the whole movie! Very annoying. After the movie we went to Cheesecake factory for some food and chatting. It was all very nice.

It also rained a lot this weekend, which was very relaxing and great. When I was dropping const off at his house that night it was raining pretty good. I wanted to stand there for a bit and make out with him in the rain, but I’m sure he wouldn’t have liked doing that in front of his parents house! haha.

Anyways, today is day two of training, I must start studying up!


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