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Don’t Wanna Be Back

Ugh, I so don’t wanna be back at work today. I took yesterday off basically. I worked some here and there, but mostly didn’t. I sat on the beach for 2 hours and have a sun burn now. I went to the gym.

I’m such a weakling now. I used to bench 130, now I can only do 70. I also dunnno if my asthma is just getting worse as I get older or if I’m just really out of shape, because after only 10 minutes on the elliptical machine, I was out of breath. It was horrible. I’m really sore today.

Other then that I wasted the day away at home. Watchin Mary Tyler Moore and analizing every little thing that the boy has done, or not done, over the last few days. Outlook is looking grim to me. 🙁 We do have a date set for tomorrow though. Dinner and then the new Pirates movie. I’m going to bring all this up to him then, find out what he’s looking for forsure. It just seems like he’s way too busy to have time for a bf. Perhaps it’s just all previous commitments or something.

So… net neutrality was defeted yesterday in the Senate committee.. It’s good to know that people like Senator Ted Stevens are the people who are voting for these things… Go listen to this MP3. Then PLEASE explain to me why this guy is even ALLOWED to vote on something that he clearly has NO understanding of the impact. And then read this HILARIOUS explanation as to why the internet took 5 days to get to the Senator

Also, Ken Lay died yesterday. It’s sad that he won’t rot in jail.

Phil sent me this link to “Another Gay Movie“. It looks hilarious, I can’t wait for it to come out. Andrew, here’s your mainstream gay movie that’s not sad! haha.

Also, Stranger’s With Candy comes out this month. The boy and I have a date to go see that movie as well. I can’t wait!

The company re-imbursed every penny of my moving expenses, which I am THRILLED about! 🙂 I’m out of debt again!

I posted about this forever ago, but since getting my new Mac I hadn’t installed it yet. I found a link to it on Digg over the weekend and thought it was time to re-install this nice thing.. So I did…. You should go here: Ad Blocking Hosts File. And follow the instructions. It will block those ANNOYING ass Ad’s on most sites, including! The ones on Myspace. 🙂 It’ll work for ANY Operating system, so Windows/Mac/Linux/Unix users should all go do it!


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