San Fran Pics

Here’s the new header pics from San Fran:

35 – Carrots At The Pier

36 – Cherries at the Pier

37 – Coca-Cola

38 – Ghiradelli

39 – Wasteland

40 – Bridge in Japanesse Garden

41 – Coast Line Badoga Bay

42- Sunset over the Bridge

43 – Sunset over the Bride (2)

44 – Sunset over the Bridge (3)

(Private) So, the whole thing with the boy…. I just wanted to talk about it a bit more.. First are the txts and e-mails. After our first date he would txt or e-mail me every morning and every night with some cute txt, like “good morning sunshine” or “good night sweet pea” or something like that. Those seem to have basically stopped. Although this morning when I imed him, he did say “good morning sunshine” but alas he didn’t start it like usual.

Second is that when I was in san fran he kept saying he wanted me to come home early so we could hang out and go out and blah blah blah. But now that I’m back, he doesn’t seem as excited to hang out. Like last night he had a few hours before going to his parents. I could have gone up there and hung out with him. Or tonight he says he wants to hang out but that the has to work late. Which I guess is ok, but I’m just over analyzing thing again.

And then last night I sent him a message asking him to call me when he was on his way to his parents house so that we could discuss when we were going to hang out again…. he never called. So yeah. I just get the feeling that this isn’t going to last much longer. Ugh! I’m going to keep giving it my best, and keep being the “old” me till he cuts it off though, I’m not giving up hope. (Private)

Last night people around here were setting off VERY loud fireworks till 2 am. For being illegal, there sure were a lot of them.

Tux and Moo have been OVERLY lovey since I got home yesterday. I’m sitting in my office chair now and tux just keeps rubbing up against me. and last night he kept head butting me all night.

I forgot to mention that I found a 1972 Edition of the BSA Fieldbook over the weekend. Nothing too old, but it’s something to add to my collection.

Anyways. I’m out. adios!

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  1. I know what you mean about the fireworks. They are illegal here in Iowa too and last night we secured a house on the eastside (bad neighborhood) for 3 hours until they got the search warrant, anyways fireworks were going off all around us. They didn’t care that we were in the area.

  2. I honestly think it’s kinda stupid that fireworks are illegal. But alas they are…. If they weren’t they could at least enforce a noise ord or something to stop them from going on all night long!

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