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San Fran!

Well, I just got back from a VERY long weekend in San Fran. It was really good, I got pretty annoyed a lot it seems. But The trip it self was very fun.

Lets see, Friday Andrew and I left OC about 3pm. It was 2 hours before we had planned, but he got out of work early so that was a good thing. We drove up there and didn’t have any fights.. I was in a really good mood, he seemed to be as well. So it was nice. Got up there and Oksy was at a party, so she asked us to come join. At first we were going to, but then we decided it was just too late and we were both tired and wanted to go to bed. So we got her to come home and just talked for a while. This is where the first annoyance came in though. Was that I just wanted to go to bed and talk about things in the morning and she just wanted to keep talking and talking. Blah.

Anyways, we got up Saturday morning and Andrew and I took the train into San Fran. That was a nice relaxing ride. Got there and got off at Powell, from there we walked up Market to Pier 1, where there was this HUGE farmer’s market! It was so fun. I took tons of pics there. After that we walked all the way down to pier 39 and then Fishermans Warf. From ther we walked down to Ghiradelli Square.

We had amazing Ice Cream there. It was so yummy! From there we walked over to Loumbard (sp?) walked down that and then up to California Street, took that all the way over to Laguna Street and then Laguna street all the way down to Haight and Ashbury. Shopped around there for a while and then Oksy joined us there.

From there we went down to Castro and hung out there. Walked around, bought some UBER cute underwear. Went to dinner there and our waiter was an asshole.. But I said I hated the place, so it’s ok. We also went to this realy cute Coffee shop there.

After that we all went out to this little Woody’s esq place, had a drink and then headed out to another bar. This one was more Dancy and shit. Andrew and Oksy said they were going to go get a drink, and left me to sit and watch the coats and stuff. So I sit there and 30 minutes later they still aren’t back. So I get up and go find them talking to this boy. So I get really pissed off cause ONE of them could have come and got me and said, “We’re over here tlaking to someone, want to come”. But they just left me. So I handed Oksy her stuff and walked out and went back to the damn Coffee shop. Oksy follwed and I told her to jsut go back to the bar. 30 minutes later they both finially come back. And we get into this HUGE argument about what to do. I told them to just freaking leave me alone and I’ll sit there and read and for them to go back to the bar. Oksy starts yelling at me to stop being so difficult, when I wasn’t being difficult at all. I was telling them exactly what I wanted! Hello!

So they all leave and a little while later they come back with the boy they were talking to and of course he and Andrew were making out. Then they went off to some other bar. The came back and got me about midnight and we all just went home.

Sunday we all slept in and then went out to Chinatown with google boy. Oksy missed the 3 signs on the freeway that said Chinatown and then got annoyed when she got lost. We finially got parked walked to china town and ate lunch. It was nice, from there we all walked back to the MOMA (or was it MOCA?) either way. Lots of crazy art. Just the type I like. 🙂 Spent a few hours there and then went back and watche Superman.. The only thing that movie had going for it was that Superman was UBER hot! Even yummier with his hair wet! 🙂 After that Andrew and I went back to the apartment and just hung out and went to bed. Oksy and Google boy went out drinking.

Monday we again slept in and then went out to Badoga Bay, the bridge and redwoods way up north. It was really fun. I honestly think this was the best day for me. It was a really pretty drive and being out in the wilderness mademe happy. We stopped at this crazy place and had REALLy good ice cream again. 🙂

Got back into the city and things started to go downhill again. We all wanted Sushi for dinner, but it was late. I kept saying we should just stop at one of the 8 million sushi places we were driving past, but they kept insisting on going to this place way out in Mnt View that neither of them really KNEW where it was. So we got lost and of course by the time we got there it was closed. As was everthing else around. Finially at like 1030 I just got bitchy enough that we stopped at Jack-in-the-box for food. Andrew and I went back to the arpartment and Oksy and google boy went out again.

This morning we left at 8 and I dropped andrew off at 1:30ish.

Overall the trip was fun, San Fran wasn’t what I was expecting, everyone has talked it up way too much. But obviously, the wife and I are not made to spend weekends worth of time together. haha.

I called the boy after dropping Andrew off. I havne’t had hardly any time to talk to him this weekend, and his txting replys have been few and far between. Which is understandable since he was in Vegas for most of the time too. But we all know I like to over analize things and I always think things are going worse then they are when first starting out… I don’t like to keep getting my hopes up just to have them crushed a month in with some stupid breakup reason… So anyways, he said he’d call me back in 30 minutes… which meant 2:30.. well he didn’t call back till 3:30 which was a bit annoying, but it was a nice convo. short but nice. The other day he said he missed me. which made me feel really good… But he was drunk, so I’m not sure how much feeling went into it. I missed him. He also keeps talking about going out to vegas. which would be tons of fun! I really enjoy him so far because it seems he’s someone who I can say, “lets do this” and he’ll do it.. IE, the bike ride to bridge to no where.. Which we talked about doing this upcoming weekend. so hopefully that’ll happen. I also really hope this vegas trip happens. And I think he’d be a good candiate for that napa trip I was talking about in the spring. Lots of other things I think he’d like to do with me that I have on my list.

My scope today says: “Don’t fret if it feels like a relationship is falling apart. Rather, you are being given an opportunity to clarify your positions before moving forward again.” Lets hope it’s right, cause I don’t want this one to fall apart!

Robert also wants me to go to mexico with him and Mike. as well as a camping trip. i’m very excited for both. There’s not enough weekends this summer for it all! haha. well more like not enough money! 😀

Anyways. I’ve rambled enough. Adios!

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2 things:
1. I don’t yell.
2. The plan was to park between china-town and the modern art museum.
Thank you for playing.
Happy birthday of your country.

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