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Another Great Date!

So last night was another great date! 🙂

I felt really bad for him though, because it took him 1.5 hours to get here from SM, where it normally takes me between 30 and 40 minutes. Poor him, I think I made up for it though!

So he got there about 7:30 and we went over to HT Grill and had dinner. Excellent food! I highly suggest you go there! 🙂 Our waitress was really fun and we had a great convo over dinner. Just talked about all kinds of random stuff, and some not so random serious stuff.

When we went to pay, he kept trying to pay for it. But I wanted to pay since he did last time.. In the end he did cause they didn’t take Discover and he attacked our waitress. It was really nice of him.

After dinner we walked home and did a little window shoping on the way. It’s not quite what I had in mind of sitting no the beach chatting, but it was too cold and too late for that. Either way we got back to my place and I showed him some pictures of things that I had talked about during dinner. And then we just sat on the couch and spent the night talking and making out. 😀 haha.

He’s such a cutie and so nice! It makes me happy…. And to think we met on “MySpace”!

Anyways, he ate only 2 cookies! But I made him take some home. haha. He left about midnight, but not after we went over to the hill above the beach and stood there for a minute looking at the water and making out some more! It’s so pretty there at night! Next time we’re walking on the beach.

I kinda pushed his PDA limit though there… I hope it didn’t bug him.

So yeah, he left and I went to bed. I forgot to turn off my alarm last night, so it went off at 5 and I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Anyways, I don’t think I’ll get a chance to see him again till next Wed. Tonight he’s got practice, and then I leave tomorrow and won’t be back till late Tuesday night. 🙁


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