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4 New Pics

Ok.. I lied! I added 4 new pics today! 🙂

31 – Farm Machinery Lenox

32 – Main Street Midwest Lenox

33 – Sheep Waukee

34 – Lamb! Iowa State Fair

Date tonight! I’m uber excited…. I baked him cookies!  Question is, do I give him a kiss when he gets here, lol.

3 replies on “4 New Pics”

I like the first two better. What kind of cookies did you bake him and sure give him a kiss when he comes. Have fun!!

Yeah, I like the first two better as well. But you can’t be toooo picky! haha.

I baked him VERY special cookies… My grandma’s cookies! People practically have to BEG me for these cookies. So he better feel special!

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