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Another New Picture!

I added another new picture to the to banner. That gets us up to 30! Here’s a list of the pics:

1 – Snow in Palm Springs

2 – Lifegaurd Jeep in San Clemente

3 – San Clemente Pier (Sunset)

4 – NB Office View (Sunrise)

5 – Lake Elsinor (Sunrise)

6 – Sequoia National Park (Sunrise)

7 – Fog in Sequoia

8 – NB Office View (Sunrise)

9 – San Clemente Pier (Sunset)

10 – Iowa State University Howe Hall (Sunset)

11 – Iowa State Fair Midway

12 – Court Ave Des Moines (Winter)

13 – Sunflower at Jave Joes Des Moines

14 – Yucatan Ruins

15 – Yucatan Observatory Ruins

16 – Yucatan Springs

17 – Frog at Rieman Gardens Ames

18 – Orange County Fair

19 – Mighty Blue Grass Shows – Iowa State Fair

20 – Saylorville Lake Polk City (Sunset)

21 – 5th Street Ames (Sunset)

22 – Clouds over Backyard

23 – Roasting Corn Orange County Fair

24 – Rainbow Umbrella Laguna Beach

25 – Homeless Man Ames

26 – Coffee! Java Joes Des Moines

27 – Deer In Backyard

28 – Central Park New York

29 – New York

30 – Museum in Orange

And just remember that all those are original pictures that I’ve taken! 😀 I’ve got a few mor I want to add, but I’ll do that over time.

As you can tell, I’m really trying to avoid doing work right now. I’m just so burned out. This project that I’ve been working on for over a month now has grown to 13,987 lines of code. About 3,000 of that is copied from an OSS project and adapted to work with what I’m doing. The rest is all original code that I’ve written. As you can tell, it’s getting to be HUGE, the biggest project I’ve ever worked on. And considering that it’s not near done, it’s just going to keep growing. I’m estimating 17,000 line by the time we’re through.

I am getting enough done now though that the PM for this project is starting to come back with little nit-picky changes. And they are so annoying. Like some of them, even though they are SMALL changes to him, require lots of added logic in the middle of things.

Another annoyance I’m having right now is that when I graph Responsibility vs Status, I get incorrect numbers, but when I do Status vs Responsibility, I get correct numbers. In theory you should get the same numbers either way! So I’m not too sure why that is! It’s really frustrating me.

It’s also frustrating me because the CEO has thrown one of his projects into the middle of this one, so I’ve been splitting my time between these two very demanding projects. Thankfully the one for the CEO is done, I’ve just got some random JavaScript errors that I can put off for a while to fix.

The cutie sent me a txt message last night that made me smile… I had been planning on sending him one when I went to bed, if not calling him to say goodnight, but I wasn’t too sure if that was being a bit too forward for only being out on one date so far. So I’m glad that he initiated it. Like I said, we’ve got a date for tomorrow. I’m kinda stressing on what to do! I’m thinking Sushi and then hanging out at the pier or checking out the downtownish area around here.

I got the invoice for my deposit on the old apartment today. They didn’t add in the $200 cat deposit that I made, they charged me for a bill they claim I didn’t pay and they charged me $115 for cleaning! When I left the place it was pretty damn spotless, so I’m a bit annoyed about that. The bill they say I didn’t pay is understandable as well because I paid it the day after I moved out. So perhaps the company just hadn’t registered it yet. So I have to call and figure out where I can get that $30 back from. In all I should end up getting $200 back. Which is nice, because I owe a ton on my credit card and I still haven’t got the re-imbursement check from my company yet for the moving costs.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it a while back, but I switched to Camino. I really love it as a browser over all. However A) it still has the memory leak issue of Firefox/Safari, B) It doesn’t have tab-memory after a crash, C) the most annoying one, it doesn’t allow you to save more then one password per-site/page. Very annoying for places where I have two or three logins.

Anyone want to buy a Powerbook G4 1.33ghz, 1Gig RAM, 100Gig HD…for $1,000? PLEASE!

I should get to work, adios!

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The pictures are beautiful. Looking at the Iowa one really reminded me how great it is to live here.

I know looking at those make me want to come back SO much! And then I went and looked at a bunch of other Iowa pictures and it made me so sad. 🙁

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