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  • Mind Eraser?

    I wish I could have one of those cool mind erasers like they have in MIB, but one that only erases my regrets. There’s lots of things in my life that I both regret doing, and things that I regret not doing. But for me, they build up, and bug the hell out of me […]

  • Costs…

    Ok, so my trip to Cali and back cost me a pretty penny… Here’s the breakdown for GAS alone: Gallons: 125.029 Miles: 4,677.5 Average Per Gallon Cost: $1.899 Average MPG: 37.23 Total Cost: $236.06 Here’s all Expenses for the week I was there: 04/12/04 CHECK CRD PURCHASE 04/11 FLYING J/CFJ 05056 OKLAHOMA CITY OK $0.86 […]

  • Tax Code

    For personal: 18% of your gross income for everything over $10,000, -$600/kid (up to 4), -20% of your mortgage interest, -100% of tuition for any college degree (accredited, naturally). No other deductions. For companies: 33% of gross income, -15% of non-executive payroll, -100% business expenses, -100% operating costs. No other deductions.

  • July 17, 2001

    uly 17 [amber, "love one another"] well we went and got my car today, it apears to be not good. i dunno yet. it’s sitting on the trailer now, my dad did some stuff to it, and it appears to be working a bit better, we put some stuff in the gas tank, he thinks […]