Saddle Up Boys!

Party time in Iowa! I love $4 drinks! How fun! 🙂

This week has been very busy. I’ve been out and about almost every night and working and what not. It’s been crazy.

I’ll just hit the highlights. I went out to the Saddle on Tuesday by myself. But ended up running into a hole bunch of people that I knew, so it was tons of fun chatting it up with them and hanging out and what not. Thursday night I went out to the Saddle again to meet up with Ginny and Brandon. Ran into David again that night and he sat with us the whole night, also ran into this guy Jeremy that I used to know. He and Ginny hit it off talking about runway shows. Jenky and Scott joined up with us later that night. I drank WAY to much on Thursday night, ended the night with lots of shots. Scott was too drunk to drive home, I probably was as well, but either way he came back to my place and we crashed here. I drove him home early Friday morning and then tried doing some work but had a horrible hang over and took a nap most of the day.

Friday night I hung out with Mandy, Zach and Nic. We went to Carl’s which was tons of fun and played darts. Four drunk people playing darts is probably not a good idea. 😉 After that we went and drove the loop on our way to the gay areas. I love the loop, it’s so crazy. Hung out at this random gay bar named Buddies which had some HORRIBLE drag queen, then we went next door to the Saddle again ran into Brian who I haven’t seen in years and last I knew he was “straight”. lol. He was def gaying it up last night. Anyways, some guy was totally hitting on me the whole night, but he was a little older, so whatever.

We’ve been having some CRAZY fun storms and winds the last couple days! It’s been so fun.

This morning my dad and I got up early and headed down to the G&G’s house and started cleaning out the garage. My grandpa has so much shit in there! Tonight I was supposed to go out with a few people, but decided I needed a night at home.

I’m still very bitter with Constantine about what I found the other day. Ugh. Fucking lying boys. I don’t get it. Why can’t anyone be honest. Last night we were out and Mandy was bitching about the same basic thing. Why can’t people our age be monogamous and truthful? It’s really sad and annoying. I am hoping that Constantine will call me so that I can bitch him out… He and I are done until he learns to be honest and how to treat people who he wants to be friends with.

In other bad news, apparently my cousin’s BF is in the hospital… Get well soon Neil!

Tomorrow we are heading back down south to finish up the garage and then start on the tool shed and tomorrow night I am going to a drag show with David and some people. Should be fun! I miss drag shows.

Update on Grandma

Well. I haven’t yet had a chance to talk to my grandma in person. I’ve called her 3 times on both her room phone and the cell phone, but no answer.

I got an update this morning from my Aunt though. Apparently they got around a foot of snow on Sunday. Apparently she hit a semi tanker truck and the gas tank fell off, so they had to have hazmat come clean it up. The car was towed in after the tow ban was lifted and they are saying it was totaled and that she is lucky to be alive.

Physically she apparently has a lot of bruises, a cut on the nose and her knee is in a brace and is on crutches.

They are getting another 10 inches of snow today so she is stuck in the hospital till someone can get down there to pick her up!

I’m just so thankful that she’s ok!

Here’s some PICS!

Death Valley!

What a weekend!

Friday night was the typical Dinner with friends. We all met up at Jason’s house and he had Meatballs cooking. However, he was no where to be found! So we made the rest of the dinner and ate it without him. He showed up just as we were finishing dinner. Overall it was a great night. Jason got me a Gift card to Apple for my birthday!

Saturday morning Const and I got up and headed out to Death Valley. On the way there we stopped at Randsburg and Alotia mines. They are both abandoned mines/towns. Very cool. Alotia was the only one that was open for us to really run around in. It’s just amazing to me that RIGHT off the road way are these open pit mines with ladders and stuff still leading down them. We didn’t go down the mines because we didn’t have any safety gear. Perhaps on the next trip we can actually go down them.

From there we headed through some tiny little crazy towns and out to Death Valley. First thing we did was climb the sand dunes which was really cool. Then we headed out to the Badwater Salt flats which is exactly what I was expecting Death Valley to be like. They were sooo cool. We got there right at sunset, so it was really pretty to watch the sunset over the salt flats. I really want to go back there on a full moon night some summer to see how pretty it would be with all the stars and stuff. After that we headed back to the hotel, ate dinner and then went to bed.

Sunday we got up and had breakfast and then headed out to Zabriskie Point which was just a wonderful view of the valley in the early morning. We didn’t stay too long because the wind was CRAZY and it was freezing cold. We headed down the back road from there and stopped at some more abandoned mines. These were really cool and it was a HUGE complex of mines. We went into a few of them, but not very far because it’s very scary with only the two of us and we had very week flashlights. Perhaps when we go back with a bigger group we can do them again. I really enjoyed the mines.

From there we headed down to Dante’s View which was a really cool overlook of the Badwater salt flats we had been at the day before. We headed on down back into the valley and on our way out stopped at an old Borax mine which had been preserved by the park.

There are tons of other things I want to do while there, like Racing Rocks, Scotty’s Castle, and the Crater. But we didn’t have a 4 wheel drive vehicle to take off road. This really does suck with us both having new cars, we don’t want to take them off onto dirt/gravel roads! I was thinking that maybe I can find a truck that I like, or maybe just a cheap user explorer or something that we can take on trips like this.

On the way home I got a very upsetting phone call from my cousin. My grandma was on her way home from Des Moines when she got into some bad snow, lost control of her car and hit a semi head on. Thank god she’s ok. They took her to the hospital because she was sore and they kept her overnight. They were supposed to be doing another CAT scan today but I haven’t heard anything new. I’ve tried calling a few times to her cell phone, but no answer. I assume she’s probably pretty out of it. Just hearing the news made me cry a little, but since I was driving I had to really hold it back. I’m very interested to see pictures of the car though.

The drive home was pretty good though overall. We ran into some REALLY bad dust storms, it was nearly whiteout conditions. And then some rain, but no traffic which was really nice. Got back to my house and the power was out, so we had to make due for a few hours before that came back on.

Today I am working from home. My car is supposed to be done. I sure HOPE that it does get done. I want my car back!

Photos from the weekend are here.

I did the GeoTagging again on this trip and it turned out MUCH BETTER! Download the Google Earth file here, check out the Google Maps Version (without photos) here or check out all the different files here.

Scones and My Kitty!

Wow. I have a lot to talk about here…

Last night was very busy. I went to the gym for an hour and biked. Then came home and cleaned the kitchen in prep for the night.

Constantine came over and he brought me a present! One of those memory foam things for my bed! How nice of him! 🙂

So we went grocery shopping and bought all the stuff we needed to make. Spent the whole night cooking and baking and having a good time! We made Peach Apricot glaze chicken, Ham and Cream Cheese Roll ups, and Pumpkin Scones! All of them turned out excellent except for the Pumpkin Scones, which weren’t horrible, but also not great!

We had a really good time making all those even though it was very hectic because I was also dealing with a large issue at work.

While we were icing the scones though my mom called. I answer and she tells me she’s at the animal hospital…..

My kitty (Elvis) the one that Adam saved from the street died last night. 🙁 He had a heart attack. It was very sad news. He wasn’t all that old either really…

RIP Elvis…

In other news. I’ve been working very hard on updating Gas Tracker. It’s a neat little PHP thing to help you track your gas receipts. The guy who wrote it originally hasn’t updated it in over a year, and it was a mess if you ask me. So I put it all into classes and basically completely re-wrote it all. It still has a lot of work to do (Mostly on the whole Maint Events part) but it’s very nice. You can see my Stats Here!

Next I am going to work on something very similar only for paychecks! Should be much easier to write as well. Cause everyone knows I’m a stats whore!

Oksana comes this weekend and I’m very excited! Cleaning and what not tonight and then tomorrow morning we pick her up from the airport, then to the Getty!

OK. I’m out everyone. Bye!

Come Support JC in Aids/Lifecycle!

Hey Readers! This upcoming WED, my friend JC is having bingo at H Marys in WeHo. Come out and support him in his effort to raise $10,000 for Aids/Lifecycle! Below is his announcement:

This is not your grandmother’s BINGO!

As most of you are aware, I’m riding in AIDS/Lifecycle for my third consecutive year… biking 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles, June 3-9. And I’ve set an aggressive fundraising goal, with a promise to shave my head if I reach $10,000!!!

I’ve set up an event with the fine folks of Legendary Bingo at Hamburger Mary’s on Wednesday, May 9th at 7pm. Legendary Bingo is fun, energetic and has helped raise over 1.5 million dollars for various local charities over the last ten years. This is not your grandmother’s church bingo… though grandmother’s are welcome. 🙂

With the help of my peeps (thank you so much, guys), I’ve been busy amassing items for prizes to be given away or auctioned that evening: DVD box sets; gift certificates; event tickets; a bunch of signed television show memorabilia from COLD CASE, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, GREY’S ANATOMY, CRIMINAL MINDS, WITHOUT A TRACE, E.R., and ENTOURAGE; and other really cool prize packages to display on your mantel or hawk on eBay.

A $20.00 suggested donation at the door includes all ten bingo games played that evening, including the grand prize game. All profits from the event will benefit my ALC Ride and get me that much closer to sporting the Britney look.

If you have any questions about bingo or my Ride, don’t hesitate to call or email me. Please visit my homepage for more information on AIDS/Lifecycle or to make a donation:

Here are some of the unique items you can win or buy at auction. A lot of these things are RARE and can make you lots of bank on eBay:


COLD CASE Patagonia backpack ($100 value) and cast-signed scripts.

GREY’S ANATOMY cast-signed scripts

E.R. cast-signed hospital scrubs

ENTOURAGE DVD, cast-signed script and cast-signed poster

DREAMGIRLS dolls (limited edition Effie and Deena dolls, plus outfits)

ANNIE LIEBOVITZ photography book, SIGNED by the artist

ROXY event tickets

Items from PHYLLIS DILLER’s personal collection, including: signed books, caricature, and orange & white-polka-dotted hat worn by Ms. Diller (all SIGNED)

This, by no means, is all that there is. I hope you can make it. Whether you can or not, please forward the bulletin or otherwise spread the word to all your friends, family, co-workers, etc.

NOTE: This is the earlier seating for bingo, so turnout is usually high, so I suggest arriving early.