Update on Grandma

Well. I haven’t yet had a chance to talk to my grandma in person. I’ve called her 3 times on both her room phone and the cell phone, but no answer.

I got an update this morning from my Aunt though. Apparently they got around a foot of snow on Sunday. Apparently she hit a semi tanker truck and the gas tank fell off, so they had to have hazmat come clean it up. The car was towed in after the tow ban was lifted and they are saying it was totaled and that she is lucky to be alive.

Physically she apparently has a lot of bruises, a cut on the nose and her knee is in a brace and is on crutches.

They are getting another 10 inches of snow today so she is stuck in the hospital till someone can get down there to pick her up!

I’m just so thankful that she’s ok!

Here’s some PICS!

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