My Life

May 19, 2001

may 19 #3 {basement jaxx, "Music Keeps On Playin"], so yeah, people

came and picked me up tonight, that was cool i had fun. well mostly had fun.

i also got to see julian again, whom (is that the right use of whom?) i hadn’t

really gotten a chance to see since i got home. it was good. i wish i had

spent more time with the group when we were in hs. but i mean now one ever

offered to include me and i just figured, well if they want me they’ll ask,

cause ya know i’m not the type to bother people about things like that. so

yeah. i really regret not telling people that i was gay when i was in hs.

i think it would have been easier to just tell them then hide it all these

years. yeah, i really do. i kinda wish that i wasn’t going away to camp this

summer. but i mean i’ve already signed it all and shit so i’m kinda stuck

with it. i’m really regerting alot of shit tonight.

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