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A Week of Silence

So what’s happened over the last week? A LOT!

First off, I got a raise… I’m now making $12 an hour! Everyone can now be jealous of me. 😛

Secondly, I was reading through Krell’s employee handbook and found out that Sexual Orientation has been in there since before 1999! How exciting is that! So good times there.

Third, got grades! I did pretty good although I failed (a ‘D’) in Phil, so I’m going to have to re-take that. Today’s my first class, so hopefully it’ll go alright. We’ll see I guess.

Not much else happened last week, I went to Waukee on Wed. Andrew and I had a good time, and I went to his Bacc.

Friday I met his Dad, step-mom, brothers and grandpa. All very off people, although they seemed nice enough. After hanging out with them for a while we went downtown and met up with Dustin and his bf. That was fun to see them again. Also saw Adam down there, and lots of other people. I saw Nathan from scouts there, it was odd cause he walked in and Andrew and I looked at him, and he waived at us. Then we both looked at each other and were like “Who was that?” Then on his way out, I finally remembered him! Crazyness.

Saturday was mad busy, I surprised Andrew at work, gave him his grad presents. Then we went to his house and hung out tell his party started. That was more wierd times hanging out with his family so long…

Andrew was taking a shower and I was sitting in his room reading Dilbert, when all of a sudden his mom calls for me. I go up there and she’s like…”I want you to meet Andrew’s Grandpa, is it alright if I introduce you as his bf.” And I’m like…”Sure??” lol. It was very odd. lol. So I met him and then I went back downstairs.

His party was tons of fun, and there were lots of people there. He also made tons of money. I sure hope that I get lots of money for when I graduate from College. Or I’m going to be mad. lol.

After that was over we went to a lot of other parties and met tons of people. Very fun. After that we went back to my place, hot tubbed and then drove him home about 1ish.

Sunday was again another very long day. I met Dustin about 12:30 and we went over to the HS to wait for the graduation. It FINALLY started at like 2, and it was packed in there and so hot! Graduation was good, and after that back to Andrew’s to change out of our good clothes, and then off to even more parties. By this time I was very socialized out, and tired, so I wasn’t as perky as I’d like to have been. But I still had a ton of fun, and I was very happy for Andrew to be finally done with HS. Good job Andrew!!

After all the parties we drove up to Ames to have supper with Andrew’s dad, and family. Again very odd times, although his brother is SOOO CUTE! I’d almost want to have a kid if he were that cute! lol. After that back to my house, we watched the Hitler movie and were VERY MAD to find out that it was a to be continued thing. Bastards! I’m watching the Martha thing tonight, and then hitler on Tuesday night to finish it off!

Andrew spent the night, he’s just left here about 40 minutes ago, he should be almost to work by now! 😛 I still have an hour or so before I have to even think about leaving!

Anyways, I’m out now! Laters!

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