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My New Powerbook!

Well this is the first official post from my new powerbook. I’m sorry to say it’s going to be a sad one.

I called Andrew this morning to wish him a safe flight. It rang, but he never answered. So I left a message.

Then about 8:45 or so, I called him again. Thinking he’d be on his flight. It rang, but he still didn’t answer. I was really confused by this.

I went to the bathroom, and when I got back had a message. I knew instantly what had happened. So I listened, and he was crying and really upset. I called him back and he explained that Mike never came to pick him up, and he hadn’t set his alarm. Thus missing his flight.

So we talked about it for a bit, and I told him to call the place and get on another flight. I looked some up and there were flights at 8:30 and 9:10. He left to the airport.

Lets just say that he probably won’t be here now tell very late tonight. Probably like 11 or later. That really sucks because I was really hoping to get to see him at 3. 🙁

I’m glad that things worked out somewhat though and that he’ll actually be able to get here now. Thank god for that. I can’t take another sleepless night.

Anyways. I should get back to work… IE Playing with my new book.

I much come up with a name for it!

If you have any ideas… Leave a message!

PS, I also got the breakdown of my grades for my Yucatan class… I’ll write a whole nother update about that some other time. .. I’m STILL very unhappy!

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