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Yay, so tomorrow will be a FANTABULOUS day! I should get two wonderful presents!

First I should get my Powerbook tomorrow… Which is UBER EXCITING!

And Secondly, but most important Drew Bear gets here tomorrow! YAY!YAYAY!YAYYAY!YAYYAY!YAYAYAY!

I’m so excited. I’ve received a bunch of the parts to his one year gift. But I haven’t got all of it, and one peice just shipped today. So it’ll be cutting it close. I hope he likes what I got him!

I also had a conference call with the Associate Dean today. She’s going to “take care” of everything. I hope to get a call back from her by the end of the week. We’ll see though.

Ok, good news from the dean. I get to change the class to a Pass/Fail. And she’s taken care of the grading situtaions.

WEll I’ve spent about three hours writing this now. So laters all.

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