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People suck at signing my guestbook. Go fucking do it whores.

In other news… Last night was way fun, we went to Tara’s party thing, lots of good food, from there Adam had to go to work, so he did that and I came home and designed the new graphic up there. ::points to top of screen:: Then I washed and waxed my car, it’s pretty now. I also went and got my books for this summer, 2 USED books cost me $205. I was like, HOLY SHIT! So yeah, fuckers. I’ve also yet to get my motherboard in. gwar. Oh, but back on topic, I met up with Adam about 10 and we were going to just hang out at his house and have some fun, but Missy and Tara showed up and we played, well ok, Adam and Missy played, truth or dare. Tara just slept on the couch and Missy just kept trying to seduce me. It was great times.

We all left there about 2am cause Adam had to work at 9 this morning.

Today has also been fun times. I had to hang dry wall this morning with my dad, that wasn’t so much fun, but at 2:30 Adam called and said that he got off early (I wonder if he actually went to work today…) lol. But yeah, so I went over there and we went out to Saylorville and hung out. Good times.

And that’s been my day. Night all!

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