My Life


Well I got my new motherboard in. My computer boots now, so that’s good, but it doesn’t get too far. Sometimes it’ll get to the LILO boot and thne die, sometimes it’ll just get through the bios shit and then die. I dunno what’s going on with it, but that’s what my entire day has been consumed with, installing and trying to get the new motherboard working. I’m thinking I may just buy a whole new computer here soon for it to work on. I dunno though. I need to decide soon though cause I’ve only got a short time that I can send this one back in. Gwar.

Won’t get to see Adam at all tonight and that really sucks. Oh well, he’s studying for finals so that’s good.

Speaking of school we started again today, I’ve got a test thie friday, and one every friday after that for the next four weeks. I’ve got alot to do. Must read, laters all.

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