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Fuck it

So I just said fuck it and am looking for another computer…. I gave up on this one. I went out looking for the error messages that I was getting and was just getting way to many different reports as to what it was, some people said it was the jumper, other people said it was the power supply, and still other people say it was the processor. I know that if that’s what it is, I won’t be replacing that any time soon. So whatever. I just gave up, sent in an e-mail asking for an RMA number so that I can send it back to them. Gwar. I really wanted this computer to work again, I loved the case, it was so pretty with all my little stickers on it. And now they don’t give stickers out any more in the SuSe boxes. Fucking shit. I want pretty little stickers to put on my box. Perhaps when I get a new one, I’ll just go and put everything in it into this box so that I can keep my pretty little things, that would be amusing. Good times

So last night Adam also got a new computer, I’ve yet to see what it looks like, or if it’s any good. So we’ll see tonight. Not much really going on here though.

It’s just work as usual. I’m going to leave here soon so that I can go home early, perhaps. I dunno yet.

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