So much stress in the world in the last couple days, first off is school, it’s being alot more stressfuill then I thought it would be. And plus I have a feeling that this summer’s going to go by alot faster then it should. Gwar.

Second is family shit, much stuff is going down in the family right now, we have to go to Carroll this weekend. Things aren’t good on that side. Ask if you want the story, it’s long.

Other then that not much is going on, I’ve got some work to do at work tomorrow. I should have done it today, but I didn’t have the right tools there to get it all done. Oh well.

Tonight was fun, went to some meeting, Mike, Julian, Dean, Kit, and two people that I know, but don’t know were there. They’re all funny.

I’m out to study, I’ve got a test on Friday that I must not fail.

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